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Hey just be happy you get shitloads of reviews >:(

Seriously though, I almost know how you feel (but not quite- sadly for meh >:C ´ ) but unlike you, I start making really short responses if one of my songs get lots of reviews- I just don't like making either overwhelmingly informative or funny-as-fuck multiparagraph responses to everything, unlike you :D

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I'm not complaining about the reviews, far from it :D, but when you become a bastard like me for a month, and don't take time to write back, catching up becomes an interesting nightmare.

As for short responses, some reviews, I don't have much to work with so yeah, pretty short responses, but if you take the time to really write back, you can get more from the review, and the reviewer sometimes feels like writing again :D, and I do love teh stories that are shared :D.

LOL!! that did it for me =P

then all is well :D!!!!

yo momma!

slapped me with a cast iron frying pan after i grabbed her ass ^^

oh my sweet holy beans she's like 50. Thats gonna leave a mental scar D:

oh and btw.... you shouldn't feel compelled to respond to reviews, even though its kind :D

you spent years making your art, but these people (myself included) only spend a minute or two to listen to the song and review...
we're lucky (and hopefully most of us gracious) that you respond so commonly

p.s. have you ever heard the expression ''grey hair can be sexy''?
lol.... now thats disturbing

ya fucking canuck, get outta here and go build a igloo you eskimo

I know what you mean and I kinda think the same about this. I was a little lazy the last time to respond back and a little surprised as well about the amount of feedback I get nowadays. It's cool but it's work god damnit! >:(

Don't hate teh Rage man! If it sucked I wouldn't put it into my favs. >:(

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Ha! XD It's funny enough when songs seem to go and review themselves like that, but to not respond for a month? Come on, you were practically asking for it. ;D

Oh, and it's pretty old by now, but since I never got the chance to, I'll say it anyway: Congrats on Audio Mod-ship. :D

Lol you think my stories reek seriously lol.

I don't spend too much time writing the stories, I have better thigns to do. Like, uhhmmmm, playing world of warcraft!

Is that a better thing to do?

Did you ever find out who MaestroMoodSwings is, MaestroRage? The piece that was uploaded to that account is absolutely f-ing incredible! It now sits at the top of my favourites list, and I didn't think it was possible to beat Simon-F (unless it IS Simon-F)...

well SolusLunes said it was his, but I doubt it (thats right Solus, WHAT NOW >:(?!)

I'm really leaning on WinterWind, the playing styles are very similar, and the ending reminds me of Winter's styles in more ways then one. I could be wrong, but Winter, i'm onto you >:(

*it is an incredible piece though eh?*

I try to keep up with reviews but i cant. :/