Avatar - the movie

2009-12-28 03:52:49 by MaestroRage

If you haven't seen it yet. DO IT NOW. That movie is DEFINITELY something that has to be seen on the widescreen and in 3D.


One of the most amazing movies i've seen in a looooooong time. Music was pretty damn sweet too. James Horner. Never fails.


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2009-12-28 05:54:53

I've heard many a good things about it... but I still don't think it looks all that great.


2009-12-28 07:46:03

I thought current 3d technology still kinda... sucks quality-wise and gives you headaches. Has that improved the last few years? I saw it in 2d anyway, good piece of movie


2009-12-28 10:22:16

probably full of cliche and special effects.

Boring. I prefer good dialogues.


2009-12-28 21:50:50

While the story was packed pretty much to the story beats of a classic "hero" story, the formula still works and that's what people like... Quite predictable at times if you story write or direct, they leave bread crumb trails all over the movie in dialogue, aka Segourney Weaver says, "I'd die to get samples," referencing the Tree of Souls, and she does die, but also gets her theory proven...etc with other events...

None the less a great story to be told. I think I was more impressed with the environments and quality motion capture facial expressions, especially from the performance of Zoe Saldana and her team of Animators.

I seriously hope they don't make a sequel, even though it's left open ended I feel the movie can stand on it's own from start to finish, all loose ends were tied up...A sequel unless done very well has potential to diminish the movie "epicness" of AVATAR...but knowing the profiteers of Hollywood, a sequel seems very likely...even if it's $400 MIL to make...

I enjoyed it thoroughly...


2009-12-29 21:23:09

amazing movie. simply awesome. ITS BEEN A LONG TIME MAESTRO!!! how are you?!


2009-12-30 23:54:00

Yeah I agree, amazing movie, soundtrack was not as good as his others imo. James Horner usually does amazing, this one he just did great, not amazing.


2010-01-01 02:04:38

I loved Avatar, it was so good, especially in 3-D.


2010-01-04 02:11:59

Yes it was quite a... breath taking(?) experience. Nothing like that has been done before. Pretty awesome stuff


2010-01-06 12:27:39

forget just 3D, go see it in IMAX 3D. It'll blw you away.

MaestroRage responds:

I totally did. Went again. Imax, fairly up close so I couldn't see anything but screen.

Dear god...


2010-01-08 02:45:11

great film, just with the plot wasn't so predictable


2010-01-08 02:48:29

alsoooooo, custom videogame tracks? I'll send an email with more details if you interested. I really like your music, especially the pieces in Castle Crashers. They made that game feel truly epic.


2010-01-24 01:38:52

it was a very entertaining way to spend 2+ hours but if you want a soundtrack listen to the new StarTrek's Varese score, thats a whole new side of Micheal Giacchino.


2010-01-25 10:12:35

yea man, i saw it in IMAX 3D. so fucking epic, hopefully it becomes the first movie to gross over 2 billion