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Game Jam 2010 aftermath

Posted by MaestroRage - February 2nd, 2010

So last weekend was Global Game Jam 2010. For those who are not aware of what teh Global Game Jam is about, LINK


Essentially you make a game in 48 hours. I participated as our school wanted a shot at it. Strangely enough in our game dev program I was the only one who was doing audio so I had to do everybodies audio needs. 4 projects, 48 hours, full audio treatment? Hellz yeah! Bring out the big guns!

I slept 4-5 hours collectively since it started. About 14 of us guys got together and we locked ourselves in this pretty little class room with our computers, and we slept there and worked there and it was awesome.

Only 2 games came out enough for displaying but those 2 hold huge potential and will be sold on XBox live arcade soon. The two games for those interested are

Timmy in the Well


Make it Rain

I'm very proud of the work I was able to do for both these projects and the potential they both hold. You should go play Timmy in the Rain especially, the song for that one is so ridiculously epic it sits way off base with the game itself, which was part of the plan.

Too tired to keep writing, 5:30 am and no sleeps yet means I r dead tomorrow. I'll update later then.

(also votes for those projects would be so awesome ;D!!!)

Comments (8)

good on you man!

its no surprise you make stuff ending up on a console like other previous games you made music for lol (CC )


haha well these aren't exactly AAA grade console games, but yes they are solid games and I see great potential in them. Worth the effort.


*hi Five*

That's awesome man!

You deserve it!

*hi fives*

The group members deserve it too! They did a pretty sweet job for 48 hours.

Thanks ^_____^

Awesome! I wanted to compete as well, but I'm neck deep in too many other projects. One of them being for Microsoft's Imagine Cup.


sweet! You'll have to tell me more about this awesome awesomeness! That sounds like a gig worthy of all gigs.

Glad to hear of your glad tidings. Serious work with hopeful rewards. You should post this information in the video game forums mate. If you don't want to I'll gladly do it, just drop me a PM saying so.

Just dropping in to let you know that I'm still listening :).
I will always cheer for you the most. I'm not just talking about music.

(Hmm, should I direct MaestroRage into Touhou for more inspiration? The thousands of arranges on each and every song from Touhou is amazing, and they are all good too. Hmmmm)

Keep up the good work!

aaaahh times like these make me ecstatic that i went with xbox instead of PS3. good job maestrorage.

gratz man good to see you still doing well