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New extended release of Subito Crudelo

Posted by MaestroRage - November 5th, 2007

Okay, i'll be the first to admit that song was released before it was ready. I just wanted something ready for Halloween so badly it was a rush job. Taking the song down, and spending more time on it, and refining what was already there, the song is ready to make it's second debut.

It's been changed a fair deal, extended, and the narrative at the beginning removed. Some pm's said they didn't like the narration, thats fine, for the sake of those who didn't like it, it's gone now.

For those who said "remove the vocals altogether", i'm afraid thats not going to happen. This is a collaboration with LadyArsenic, whether you like the vocals or not, it's going to be there, I can only hope that you do in fact like it. Remember that LadyArsenic sent me a sample stream of melodic ideas, and I cut the voice files up to suit my own ideas. For example, in her stream there is not a single part which repeats, so if there is a part where the voice does not suit the music, that is my fault, not hers!

A few more changes are scheduled, but thus far, it is close completion.

Enjoy, Subito Crudelo, the story of the bride spirit haunting the cathedral, and prequel to the song Crumbling Cathedral!

: Subito Crudelo means roughly "So Cruel" in case anybody is wondering.

Here's the continuation of my story, Epic and Irrelevant like always!

The death of MaestroEmo had left for me a horrible angst in my heart. SO heavy, so dark, I had to bust out ALL the words which rhymed with die, lie, cry, defy/deny, and every other word which would immediately give you a fashionable hairstyle, and goes with the ability to play the wrist violin. I swear i'm busting out the mad wrist solos, playing whole concertos.

I'm never actually concious to see the ending of mine own concerts, I like to think a standing ovation to each performance however. They're not throwing those pineapples at me, but with me!

At the time MilkMan_Dan was going to go away to the army, to do things I never could... like fire a gun... without somebody going "WHAT DID THE MOOSE EVER DO TO YOU >:'(!!!?"

We were planning on joining our forces and locating a game to extend our talents to. We would definitely rux teh world of electronics, one bloody note at a time. We weren't ready for it of course, but young dreams, for young hearts. Our search to find a game let me find an online game called Tribal Wars...

oh FOR LORE that game consumed my soul for a year. Getting my ass handed to me via mass soldiers crushing my soul seemed to be a fetish I couldn't understand. Getting beaten again and again, and again, then again, to be slain. It was like playing Pac Man. No ending, just hours of pointless losing. Yet I came back for more every time...

I am fairly sure Pac Man was the root reason our generation can't finish anything. That game has taught us well... there is no end to your struggles it said to us, give up, run to the nearest power drug, mess things up beyond repair, and then get eaten alive by the ghosts that haunt you.

Checkmate! (Or king me)

The reason I had left was due to my own insecurities. Boy I didn't care much they said my music sucked, but when they started to bring my mother and fat hamster into the picture, it got personal.

"I bet your hamster is SO fat, it waddles to it's food and stores at a 50% more capicity then the other hamsters!!!"

dissed and dismissed, I could never live it down. My Hamster with his chubbiness nibbled in sorrow. I chose to sit beside him, and nibble also, for we both were outcasts, only able to nibble.

And nibble we did.

I chose to nibble organic materials, my hamster decided that it was high time that my polyester jacket got a thrashing of a lifetime. He scurried on up to it, and then did what any fat hamster which just waddled 30 centimeters would do.

He nibbled the hell out of that thing.

Poor bastard was on his back, legs twitching in an hour. I walked into the room, dropping my upside down cake, rightside up, which in it of itself is blasphemy, and ran up to him.

"Walnut! Why!? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!"

He waved his arm motioning me to come closer. Closer, closer still. When my ear was within squeeking distance, he raised his leg, and let one rip. Giggling violently, he went gently into that good night, leaving me to take care of the mess.

Bless you Walnut, you died the way you lived, without apology.

An entirely pointless story I know, but I felt it was important the reader realize I just don't care that i've wasted your precious time. I am cold and heartless like that.

I will likely continue the story to MaestroAngerIssues after this.

Comments (14)

Well, it was worth the wait. One of my fave's so far!

glad you think so Maahes! LadyArsenic is recording a few more things for me, to really wrap the song up. It will be a good deal more powerful, especially near the end if all goes well.

I was wondering where it went! :D I listened to the old version but never got around to reviewing it, so one day when I eventually intended to, I clicked on your newest submission from your userpage and clicked the Review button. While listening to it, it took me five to ten seconds to figure out... "Wait, this isn't Subito Crudelo, this is Mighty Hails!" XD Finally, I can get around to reviewing it! :D

...as soon as I get the time to. ._.

I lol it, brilliant! Well good thing, I would much rather you review the latest version, in fact i'd like you to hold out for another day or two, for the last version change!

Oh, I COMPLETELY forgot to mention this in the last comment - but that new banner you've got there is hysterical.

In a silent sense. ;D

As is your story, but I never imagined half of it would be centered around your pet hampster. o_O Did he REALLY die that way? :P

yes, the banner is make me lol, it speak of my nature well it does.

And yes, he did die that way. Lil bastard. We had two actually, but her death was significantly more painful, and no matter how I looked at it, it wasn't funny. At all.

This one at least, you can look back and go "wow, that was brilliant, well played mister hamster!"

I'd hit dat.

And by dat I mean you.

Just fyi.

don't start games you can't finish >:}

and by don't start games, I mean ew, and by you can't finish, I mean, gross.

have some rofl waffles?

Great Job on getting on the song of the week list ^__^

many thanks :D! I wasn't expecting it but hey, not complaining!

You're really ruining my work at the moment. Since I found Subito Crudelo on the main page I was simply forced to listen through all your music. You really had to have that many good ones didn't you? I've only done half so far and I had to download more or less everyone of them.

By the way, saw you mentioning MilkMan_Dan, what's your relation to him? 'cause before today I thought he was the best composer on NewGrounds.. but after today I think he'll share that spot with you.

me and MilkMan_Dan go a long way back. At least 2 years to say the least. I first met him on my old account, MaestroSorrow. I do not remember the song which he reviewed that let me find him, but I do remember we clicked right away. Collabed a few times, and when he left, I had made him a tribute, also on that old page.

He is a brilliant composer, sadly I find we are moving further and further away in sense of style and genre, but he will always be a friend to me.

As for the songs up here, my only intention was to entertain you, I hope I was able to give that to you, and as for ruining your work.


where words fail me, that winky smiley oughta do it!

Psh, Milkman is so old-school anyways. Hook up with Solus.

Solus does it right. Mmmyeah. That's it, right there.

...stop watching me. You sick bastard.

I swear to God. Don't make me call up MusicalRocky and have him sic MaestroMoodSwings on you.

Or maybe it's me siccing it on you. You never know. Maybe it's ALL OF US IN A GIANT CONSPIRACY RAAAAR :D

oh baby, oh Lunar...


and seriously if thats really you/MusicalChariotofFire one of you better fess up, or at least let me forget about the bloody account >:(!!!!

Also it can't be all of you, most of you can't spell Swing without stopping halfway to jump into an orgy. Thats right, I went there, I chartered that territory. Have a map, it's fresh.

R.I.P. Walnut and random moose. Joo will be missed. ;.;

especially the moose. We called him Moosless the heartless. A condition inflicted on the poor bastard after my high level of accuracy was demonstrated.

I love your banner.

It is indeed a banner worthy of the mightiest composers. For it depicts my attitude towards everybody!

But only when i'm busy of course >:(

LOL! Niiiiice banner! Sorry, I just really enjoyed that banner after I read what you had. Damnit walnut! "you died the way you lived, without apology" was possibly my favorite line during the entire story. I remember when Milkman_Dan left! D: That was a sad time for newgrounds..(that can and should be taken as a threat in case you ever want to leave) but at least he's back now! (you still have no excuse for leaving us even if you do come back....[or else]).

Anyway, thanks for wasting my time...sheeesh people these days...


the banner makes the world stay in check. It is the very core of chaos, and order.

But i've already requested a hitman take me out, log in, delete everything, insult the mothers of many, and then make a stylish getaway!!!

Also your time is wastable, and I have wasted it. therefore it has been put to good use.

I have done you a favor this day! Remember it well...

lol nice story, that hamster rocks my socks.

and he chewed mine... the bastard >:(

Glad you liked the story!

In other news, roflwaffles /get! ^_^

I guess I'll just have to surprise buttsekz you. I hoped it would be this way.

...not. would not be this way. That's what I meant >_>;

your last sentence confuses and arouses me.


I mean, stop it >:(

I was going to give you some lol berries, but now i'm just going to pelt you with them!

Epic song /make!

u type a lot.

The revealing factor!!!! *Dramatic Music*

Subito CrudelE, actually means "Suddenly Cruel."

XD Silly Maestro.


lies and slander?