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Artists who suck, but can't afford to show it

Posted by MaestroRage - November 14th, 2007

EDIT: Endless Desert Extended Release information at the bottom

Very Relevant flash to this rant
(Created by James Lee, and sung by Hania, a new artist to this portal!)

Recently for reasons unknown to myself, i've started watching music. MTV, etc etc. And then quickly realizing of course why I stopped.

You know what REALLY bugs the hell out of me?

Female artists who take slutty pictures of themselves, and in sexually charged photos to grab the attention of poor simple minded fools to listening to their mediocre at best crap! I mean just wow! I have slowly began to grow a subtle hatred for these women, and even some guys busting out the thongs to try and get more attention, and it's making my hatred towards these "people" more and more severe.

It's a blatant statement "Look, my music isn't good enough to stand out, so check out my breasts/penis, which unlike my music, DOES stand out :D!!!!"

TO HELL WITH THEM ALL! Pre pubescent kids who see a pretty face suddenly think the music associated with that picture is godly, and unbelievable. All in their weird hope to get laid by that person?! WAKE UP! Do you REALLY think anything could happen between you and that person if you were like "Oh my god, you are my god, godly goodness of gawd, I don't believe!" Do you REALLY REALLY think that sucking up to maybe get one email from them is worth it!?

Yes yes, before everybody gets on my case "it's just business!", well you know what? Thats why i'm not in that business! It infuriates me beyond words, even now i've had to go back and cut off huge snippets of this rant which fall under the category "insane". Nothing brings me more joy then to sit back and realize 95% of these sluts and whores will end up without a penny dying in some corner in a street somewhere once they've sold themselves out to the point nobody cares anymore. If maybe you'd spent more time making the music better, then getting those breast implants, you might have made it. Congratulations.

ENJOY, because let me tell you, I sure am!

And then there is of course, the 1% who doesn't deserve the air they breathe, who make it big. Lets not drop any-BRITNEY SPEARS-names. I can't believe she's making more money then when she was somewhat stable. That people, is a serious disease in our society, when we can idolize a freak who has found existence in the belly of retardation, and pointless.

And then, there is the 4% who will stay in there. Fighting every day, struggling to make art which means more to a critical ear, then a deaf one.

And that is why even going into mainstream music has once again reaffirmed my allegiance to myself when I first started making my music.

"Forever For Free, For however long that is!"

now back to work...

Endless Desert Extended Version
I have chosen to extend Endless Desert because it was just so much damn fun to work with. It's got a neat climax at the end, and because I am no longer trying to make it ambient, there is heavier percussion, and more melodic work. The first minute and 40 seconds hasn't changed much, but work has been done there also. The first version will remain as it will still be a contestant to the ambient MAC contest held over at the Audio Forum.

Comments (18)

I agree. I listen to music that's awesome. I like both classic music (Def Leppard, Oingo Boingo, Poison, or most anything '80s for that matter) and new bands (Disturbed, Daft Punk, Rhapsody of Fire). You don't hear much about them in the news, and there are more Def Leppard fans than Britney Spears fans. Cause trust me, "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is a much better song than "Toxic".

Point said, I completely agree with you on why some people, who have no artistic talent, make more money than people who DO have talent. It doesn't make much sense. But in this world, nothing makes sense.

sadly it seems that way... oh well, live life one day at a time, and take down as many names and kick as much ass as possible right :D!?

I also agree. some people with no talent make money because of their body when people that actually DO have talent barly get recognised as a decent artist just because people no longer care anymore. song like umbrella that are just a repitition of saying "under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh" arn't very great to listen to but you still see people on the streets blasting the crap at full volume just because much music recognised it. sure she has a good voice but the lerics SUCK.
I hope other people agree

That song is one I hate with a passion. Like you say, the most simplistic crap, as if written by a fifth grader with down syndrome and epilepsy.

"Umbrella *SEIZURE ATTACK* ella- ella- ella (drool)"

And trust me, you don't even need a good voice anymore. There's enough machines out there with effects to make a dying goat on steroids sound like her.

Simply put sex sells, so sadly these skanks are going to win all the time... I mean, wow, have a good voice? Have a good body? You can get rich by saying a word and then echoing it yourself!!!


Hah! I can't agree more, Maestro...
The worst part of this is that people actually buy this crap. This feels like the Horus Heresy (if you know what that is, you are just so much cooler in my book XD). You have the loyalists of good music and the teeny-boppers/god knows what else split on the middle and blamming the crap out of each others music. If you listen to random crap, can't you at least take the time to apreciate something good...and if you listen to something good you'll see what it's impossible to apreciate random crap. Also, agreeing with Rational-Delirium, most people really don't care...as long as it's mainstream people will listen to it.
Ah, what an age we live in indeed...

ah, Horus Heresy. I havn't heard those words in a long time. I must admit I forgot the story behind Horus. The world of Warhammer is massive after all. Sometimes you just plum forget who killed who's mother and why.

Sadly Sarol it is very difficult to change somebodies perspective without it being their own decision. Change is resisted almost instinctually and as a kind of mental defense the person will begin to dislike, even hate, the source that would change them.

And since there is no reason for them to change, or expand horizons, this epic struggle will always go on.

What an age we live in indeed my good sir... what indeed...

Myself, I hate it too. I hate how these people who have no brains or singing talent (well sometimes) end up making it big because of their bodys. Now i'm not saying that my music is great or anything, but damn do I hate all this crap on the radio. Y'know how radio stations play a hit song over and over, every day, untill you are so sick of that song, that u wana... I don't know what! But yea, I hate that too.

By the way, Warhammer is awesome! Hate how people scrutinise it as being 'nerdy'. It sorta is, but mabye they just don't have the mental capacity to stratagise and paint miniatures!

Your music rocks!

I don't think Warhammer is nerdy. The biggest attraction for me concerning War Hammer was largely the massive world that these creatures/people were submersed. In such cruel and unforgiving circumstances, brutal blood baths.

Everything about that game/topic is epic, and epic is what I love most :D!

As for the radio, thats quite true. I do listen to the radio, but very rarely the mainstream ones. Mostly classical ones lie 96.3, 98.7. Which are classical/instrumental stations if you're here in Canada. I very rarely find myself listening to the same piece, which is a gift and a curse at once, because there are some pieces i'd love to hear again, which I didn't catch their names :(.

u know one song is a bout a girl that talks about i got 50 hundred cars just drive over and ovr again cmon that crap sucks if u wanna make music actualy make it music i definatly agree

There are several songs about nothing in particular. Originality seems to be a lacking force as well I guess.

o yeah she made it in top ten songs of all time too, its like wtflip?!?how?!? that dont even deserve to be music

Okay now i have to go get some Aspirin.


I couldn't possibly agree with you more. Go Baptists!

Baptists you say? Not sureof the relevance, but okay :D!

Well said! NGAP FTW!

By the way, what did you think you were going to achieve by watching MTV anyway? The channel isn't even a music channel so much as it is a channel barely even loosely related to music.

I don't know :(. I was sitting there going "maybe there's something worthwhile there..."

I remember a few videos were actually pretty cool. Good melodic work, great sound, and awesome visuals to boot. But SO MUCH OF IT, is just pure crap. It just wasn't worth wading through the crap to find the great.

I'll come back next year, see where that takes me...

I hate stuff like that. The spice girls for example just leaves 22 year old single men cumming all over their screen.

and they're getting back together apparently. Lets see what happens :D! 50 bucks says the first thing on the list is going to the nearest bikini store. Can't make a debut album without those piccies!

x.x this is why i only listen to music rather that WATCHING the music. Plus, i've pretty much given up on songs written by Americans, now i listen to J-pop/K-pop, cause it's just SO MUCH BETTER =D. *And they don't need to sell their bodies to sell a song*

Anyway, i really like your work, it's a lot of fun to listen to. If you don't mind me asking, what program do you use to make your music o.o

In the defense of American based bands, there ARE some gems. To say all of it here sucks is closing off potential greatness, the problem is not that they're not here, but the fact they're not advertised at all in any way. J-pop/K-pop has a lot of elements and styles borrowed straight from American culture, but the key difference is, those bands are advertised on their music alone.

As for what program I use, this one's gonna be a long post... *sigh*

I use Fruity Studio's now. 6.0.4. The sounds you are hearing however don't come from Fruity itself.

I use Fruity mostly as a host program, for my VST's, or Virtual Studio Technology. Fruity acts only as my keyboard, and program to go retrieve the sounds for me.

VST's are primarily large audio libraries with very high quality recordings of notes and samples, giving me absolute freedom producing realistic orchestral tracks. The downside to this is however, these libraries are HUGE.

For example, I use the VST East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold PRO XP. It's a huge name, for a huge size, around 32 gigs! You think thats large? The largest VST known to me thus far is the Vienna Cube Orchestra VST, which has broken it's 850 gig barrier! Thats in my eyes, ridiculous, on the grounds that it's just ridiculous.

Other VST's I use are

East West RA - Ethnic sounds, 14 gigs
East West Collossus - mix and match of random East West Instruments. I stopped using this tbh - 35 gigs
East West Symphonic Choirs - 38 gigs
East West Symphonic Orchestra - 32 gigs
Project SAM's True Strike - 14 gigs

East West Voices of Passion - 8 gigs of epic win.

oh yea, there's also a cable channel that shows International Music, like music from other countries, i find it really amazing how other countries do their music as oppose to..... well....... the crap we're forced to watch in america XD

I don't think I know that channel. Is that an American channel? Here in Canada we have so many multi-cultural shows, but no dedicated music channel... wish we had that :/...

Such a huge amount of truth divided nicely into small, but compact sections.

And all it took was a mind breaking several hours of self inflicted torture :D!

so are you thinking of actually publishing and conducting your music. MORE IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU ARE, CAN I PLAY IN THE ORCHESTRA YOU'LL BE CONDUCTING =D. i would love that SOOOOOO much, i play violin, and i love playing, and i'd love to join you on your musical journey of ........*ok, so i'll shut up now* lolz, you better publish you music so i can play it in some orchestra somewehre =D

I do plan on publishing my music, but not for stores. If anything, I would publish my future albums and works on sites like Newgrounds, maybe my own personal site one day *here's hoping*.

It is a dream to be a conductor one day *Maestro Me :D!!!* and of course, at that time, many years down the road, if you ever still want to bust on down and perform with me, I would be only too honored.

My musical journey is a long one, and ends only when the heart stops the tempo, so yeah. When I learn how to fully write proper scores properly, and start really understanding music, I intend to release all my scores for open domain.

Are you just going to keep switching from hysterical banner to hysterical banner like this? XD

It's definitely out of tune - the poor listeners' ears couldn't take it, so they all ran away, thus nobody was around to hear it. :'(

Interesting thoughts - personally, I always thought it was a select 10% that the media pays all the attention to, and nobody else. Then you've got the people who:

A) Sell it and are good at it, (20%)
B) Sell it and suck at it, (60%)
C) Don't sell it but are good at it, (2%)
D) Dont' sell it and suck, too. ;D (8%)

Of course, I don't pay attention to the media very often, so what would I know? :P And those percentages came off of the top of my head, and are influenced by my taste in music, the artists I've found, the artists I haven't found, etc., etc., so nobody can really come up with anything truly accurate. ;D

of course, the banners are the awesomeness of life, and must be obeyed and contemplated!

As for the select 10%, that may be true, but i'm focusing on the 10% they're focusing on, which is nothing of real substance. There are some pretty great bands, some talented folk, denying that would be madness, but it still hurts to see so much of it as crap...

oh well.

I can come up with something truly accurate, take a stab from 1 - 10, that is roughly the number I don't want to slay >:(

My apologies maestro it was only recent that I started reading your posts.

I think that music defintely is not the way it used to be. It seems to be more about sex, drugs, more sex and money than any real emotion. Granted there are some artists who actually THINK about their peices and really feel for theirwork in away that benefits all of the listeners as well as the artist. I also strongly agree that the idea of the music idol, celeberty, and famous in general has gotten way out of hand. I think that it should be intellegence and merit that is celebrated not drivil. Anything that cannot change the world, help a life, benefit anything or anyone should not exist. For example,most rap culture degrads our language, our values, our way of thinking, and our way of life. Of course this is only if we let it. I hate the trash produced nowadays in popular culture, and what the hell is with "popular" anyway?! *sigh* why is that people can't get their heads out of their asses and think for themselves. Oh well, at least according to the reviews that I read, humankind is not entirely doomed(that's nice to know #)

I like what you said to Hardyboyz! Very creative! I commend you on your wits!
For hardy...I very sorry it seems that life has left you as well as whatever you may believe in and I show sympathy that evolution just seemed to have neglected or rejected you and left whatever sense you had to rot and battle with itself until invetibly you became a blithering, jibbering, pile of piss and pus.

As well as the rest of the world is concerned, I am so glad that we have not all decide to rip out our brains, stomp on them, grind and shoot them, and stuff them back into our skulls and try and live. I am glad that there are people who think and that those people mayl hopefully change the world!

For those who hate me, to each his own. For those who don't, thank you.
and thnk you for ranting Maestro. I'm sure we all appreciate it. ^^

The rant is only a brief period of time where I snapped. I believe largely everything I wrote there, but it is not fair to say that is where it all ends. True enough there are many artists who are famous and continue to stay true to themselves. And these are the immortal bands, who may work behind the scenes, and are only spoken from the mouths of their listeners, but they are there, and will always be there.

These fads, these one time shots will inevitably be replaced by a fresh face, something that hasn't been exploited to the end of their worth, and the cycle continues again and again and again. These people who have experienced the rush of fame, do ridiculous and detrimental things to reclaim their throne.

There really is no such thing as negative publicity, Britney Spears has taught us that well. Michael Jackson being the king of both music, and negative publicity.

As for Rap, underground Rap is really very insightful. Conscious rap for example, like Immortal Technique give listeners something to think about, and stories of real life problems. Mainstream rap busies itself by telling the young generation that you can get what you want, one bullet at a time.

And thats all it takes to end it, one bullet, at one time. It is truly sad this is not something learned until too late.

Buddy, I'm gonna have to leave a disagreement here. But only for a slight thought.
The music always starts out, with artistical intentions at heart. haha

They (the sellout artists) usually break into the scene with SOME artistical prowess.
But then, it all boils down to that all mighty dollar. It doesn't take long to corrupt absolutely. Decaying of society...damn straight.

Also, credits to you if you can stay straight, without the temptation of trillions of dollars. But that is where they get you. Say.

"MaestroRage, your music is absolutely perfect. We would like to represent and produce you. Here is a kazillion dollars to get started!" So you do, your album is nothing short of phenominal, you gain zillions of fans, and become a house hold name.

Now...those same people say.."Hey on this next album, I want you do perform these 6 songs, so you only need to lay 6 or 8 of your own down...that way you can save em for later". Gaining the song writer some clout, by saying MaestroRage performed MY songs...there for, they must be excellent!
The songs are mediocre at best..but are written by shit rats that barely know squat about shit. (vague I know).But maybe they are related to the producer or something. Who knows.

As incentive, they say.." we own you anyways, but will pay you per second, what the president makes per year...."


Absolute power corrupts, absolutely? I say...power means shit ...$$$$<-----true martyr in the decaying society for which we reside. hahaha. Anyways man...since the internet and pirating and all that jazz...so called mainstream musicians have to resort to ridiculous antics to even be remembered. Entertainment? Or lulling the rest of us into complacency, so that when that all mighty buck comes our way...we just take it, because everyone else does and we don't want to miss out on our share.

haha, fun thoughts man.

you're quite right B-M-I. No artist can start making music without some kind of artistic whim, some desire to create. But on the same time, there are some artists who start off with the pure intention of selling out. They get the motor skills to play well, and then throw themselves head first to the nearest label to sell out.

For all I care, failure that would stomp on these people is well placed.

The almighty dollar is not named such in vain. You're absolutely right, even artists who started off with pure intentions, cannot hold against their own when it comes down to money.

*I must leave now, I will update this soon*

Try using the Finale programs, that's a great way to learn how to start writing music scores ^^. I use Finale Notepad (mostly because its the only free one, but the midi sounds SUCK on that one =D) so ya. I fool around with it all the time *i'm far from a career in music composition though, i only do it as a hobby, playing is really where my heart and soul is at ^^*

The spice girls are coming back? OH SHIT!

What is the world coming too?!?!