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Crunch time, a big thanks to Mydnite!

Posted by MaestroRage - November 30th, 2007

Anybody else like my new header?!

I for one, adore it beyond words, but not beyond expression (get it, because expression uses words, you can't have a words by themselves!!!)

No but seriously, a big big thanks to Mydnite for creating it for me. It depicts everything about my music. Epic, brutal, and of course, every bodies favorite, rage :D! The fantasy setting was also very appropriate.

With that out of the way, the time of studying it almost at an end, in one week, finals begin, and then another week of brutal cramming, and sleepless nights. As much as I hate it, i'm looking forward to sleeping in the library.

During this time, reviews will not likely be responded to. I don't want to put "thanks!" to the reviews and so I hope those who are expecting one will understand why they won't get a response soon.

Unless you put something like "DIS GOOD!" in which case, I have nothing to say, but "thanks!"

Keep up the good fight Newgrounds!

EDIT, had to put up this awesome pic of Beethoven. One day I want to conduct like this :'D

Crunch time, a big thanks to Mydnite!

Comments (17)

hmm i do love that new header its Fugtastic but i have seen that guy before....-snaps fingers- I think that guy is a Knight from Medieval 2: Total War (fugging awesome game :D!) or just some picture of a knight :S also good luck with those finals :D! im so lucky to be 14 and be in High school :S of course my time will come...-picks up suicide pill i stole from your house- maybe that one day... :D

is awesome dude...
really really good...
I would like one like that... XD

Whoa. O_O What a banner. :D

Lucky. >:I

It's completely acceptable not to spend time on NG for the sake of something more important - so good luck with your finals! ;D

Good luck with your exams, Maestro!

My mid-terms at York University have already concluded (mostly because all of the professors decided to lengthen their holidays by moving them up into class time), but I still have a large music theory project which I'll be working on until Thursday.

And after that, I'll be free as a bird!

And so will you be, I think, if all goes well. :)

(or rather, soon after that)

hehe im glad u liked it! i had fun makin it fer ya =] The pic is from Kights of the Templar II Good Luck on the Midterms!!!!

maestro have ya made some more movies/games/audio? ul probly get a 10 from me in all o them(btw this is my first comment and i have no clue wut 2 write so evry1 just shup) (shup = shut up)

Its a flippn sweet banner man! Vry Nice! Iz Sexy Time! No worries about the late responses Maestro. You gotta do whatcha gotta do! Have no fear, you're fans will be waiting!


Only joking, but the new header looks brilliant, lots of detail a d it has a gritty feel that captures the rage of your songs.

dude, your music is the best. Genius.

You like drawing? I do it plenty. I listen to your music constantly when I work. Here is the link to my current one. Very deep felt like your music maybe?

Here is the drawing, it is on this forum.
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/778238">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/7 78238</a>


Good luck with your finalz!
and please everyone-call me Swordlock


good look with your exams meastro

the guy on your header is from knights of the old temple or whatever this game is called lol its a pretty good game

and again good luck studying

Conduct like Beethoven?


Cool, but plz. Have a hair cut ;)

Beethoven conducted so wildly that sometimes the first violinist had to conduct properly behind him for the orchestra to understand.

Beethoven was the most hardcore motherfucker around.

man.. that header is sweet! I like the gritty-paper effect that was put in the background behind the knight XD

You should also chop the legs off your piano and lay it on the ground so you can feel the vibrations through the floor.

Beethoven = epic win