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Check out this epic song!

Posted by MaestroRage - March 1st, 2011

So i've been playing a lot of League of Legends lately. It's a pretty fun game and if anybody wants to jump on and game with meh i'd be happy to have a match now and again!

Anyways, one of my favorite champions in that game is Karthus, and I figured, why not give him a lil something something.

Here that something something is!

/* */
Edit: watch it in 480, 320 sucks.

Tools used:
- FL Studio 9.9 Beta (olol i'm treading on dangerous ground)
- ToneHammer Requiem
- ToneHammer Epic Tom
- CineSamples Voxos
- East West Symphonic Choirs (PLAY)
- Project SAM Brass
- Kontakt 3 library (woodwinds)
- East West Symphonic Orchestra (PLAY)
- East West Storm Drum 1

If you wanted to play League of Legends go ahead and grab it from leagueoflegends.com, i'd be stoked if you'd sign up with my referral code so I could add a few notches to my list.

http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref =4d39d02ab9cee241985151

Comments (7)

It's time we had a talk.. You're in a safe place with people who love you..

You've got a problem..

Quit the shit and gitt to wurk! >: (

Where in the world do you get money for all that EPIC STUFF?!?! HOLY COW.

I just... wow. And dang.

years and years of gathering D':!!!

But having all of this stuff meant nothing if FL Studio didn't get this memory bridge thing right. It takes 700mb of RAM just to have male choir singing Karthus. I threw in a female section (another 700mb) to really test the mettle of this memory bridge.

Happily to say this song uses 6.8gb of samples and it all went off without a hitch. Fantastic stuff.

Glad you liked it man, means a lot coming from you :3

epic song.

did u do dark cut if i recall?

you do epic sounds... one of the best music artists i've heard.

do do digitallly your sounds, or also record some organs?
or a vocal piece?

Can I say it has your older feel to it? Glad to see you still doing amazing man brings a tear to my eye :'). lol Well hope you didn't miss me too much and I can't believe you got more points than me. Oh well what ya gonna do.

can you pm me your lol username... we should play sometime :P

Howdy Maestro. Just thought I'd check in.

Curiously I downloaded that game just this week and have just played about 6 matches or so. But I think I'm pretty good if you want to play sometime.

My account name is PoohTheBear but my username is BobTheWolf.

I am not really sure which you add so may as well give you both. I won't be around for about a week, but after that I am up for a match or two and some catching up?

Good to see that you are still alive ;).

P.S. Epic song. I especially like the choir at the start and chimes at the end. Of course, I am that percussionist fellow still and I could have used more Taiko in the mid section and less 2 and 4 snares. Just giving you a hard time Maestro. Hopefully I'll see you in the League sometime.