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East West Voices of Passion

Posted by MaestroRage - December 26th, 2007

East West Voices of Passion
Size: 7.1 gigs (8 gigs on website is not true)
Price: $500
Rating: 1/5
Has: Key Switches (PLAY) (10), Velocity Layering (1)

This library gave me huge heart ache. I am talking from the standpoint of an aspiring game composer who likes to be able to tell every instrument exactly what they should be playing. The website gives you the impression that out of the 5 singers included in this library you will be able to tell them everything and anything, alongside some melodic phrases that the singers perform from their cultural standpoint.


Only 1.5 of the singers can sing what you tell them. The 0.5 is the American singer who can sing what you tell her however her voice will change during the note, so if you tell her to change notes before she's finished her hour long "uuuooooaoaaaaaeeeeemmmmmaaaahhh" it sounds incredibly synthy and quite horrible. Not all her notes will morph while she sings but most of them will have some kind of "passionate" touch to them which again makes you wait for the whole thing to finish, or risk making it sound like pure crap.

The only singer who can do what you tell her fully and completely is the Wales singer. Who has vowel articulation. mm, ooh, aah, ee, etc. But even as such without proper hardware, like a midi keyboard with the mod wheel this entire library is useless. Listen to my song Unseen Dance, and listen for yourself. I have used the Wales singer without a keyboard *As I currently do not have one attached to my computer), and you will notice that on the fast passages her voice also sounds incredibly synthy.

And then of course there is the other 3 singers. Syria, Bulgeria, and Indian. Don't even get me started on this "collection" of presets. Thats all it is. Random phrases sung by the singer. You don't even know what they're singing, and again like the American singer unless you wait for them to finish, changing notes halfway makes it sound very fake. 6.5 out of the 7.1 gigs is just these phrases. No control, no idea what they're singing, just singing. I for one don't like the idea of putting random phrases which probably mean nothing when put together. Have some Indian listener pm me the next day

"Why did you make her sing "I'm in love, a murderous bastard, snowing on the mountains!? YOU IDIOT >:(!"

I lost a LOT of respect for East West after this product. I simply could not believe they would try to sell such a huge collection of uncontrollable loops for so much money. I mean even Magix Music Maker comes with more loops, with more flexibility, AND it's so much cheaper.

There is nothing more I can say about this product without getting vulger, it's a waste of time, waste of money, waste of energy, just don't get it. The ONLY reason it got a 1 at all was for the Wales singer, who is capable of doing what you tell her, again provided you have the right equpment or even that sounds synthy.

East West Voices of Passion

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Wow, thanks for the heads up, I was going to buy this, but I think I've changed my mind. :(