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Posted by MaestroRage - March 20th, 2013

Hai guises!

So for a few years now i've been part of a game dev project and we've slowly refined this game more and more and more (and more...). We need some help with the finishing touches. And that's where you guys come in now.

If my all caps has drawn your attention and by odd chance you're also capable of creating sprite art BOY DO WE NEED TO TALK. I have infinite faith in the crowd here on Newgrounds so i'm hoping to get to talk to a lot of really neat people. So by all means, leave a post here, or pm me. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

With that said, here is the job posting!

What is Stone and Mana : Legends of the Underverse?
S&M is a turn based strategy board game where players conjure powerful avatars equipped with unique abilities and items to claim dominance and take map objectives.

Who are we?
NONE OF YOUR BU-we're actually a small but dedicated group of developers who have been slaving away at this project for about 3 years now! We've come a very long way with this and we're not going to stop until we're totally happy with the game. This may mean it will take a while for it to come out, but it will come out as glorious as we envision it.

What do we need?
We need somebody who is well versed in sprite graphics. What we need is to take the illustrations of our avatars and represent them on the board game. The sprites need to have various animations (idle, take damage, cast spell, etc). And naturally they must do this in all 8 directions of the board game.

How big does the sprites have to be?
The avatars should be relatively large as we want to have them look good when scaled down. Example totes attached at the bottom

Who are we looking for?
We're looking for anybody who knows their business and loves their craft. Somebody accountable and who can deliver work on time. We don't need you to have had 20 years AAA experience or have gone through 10 years of education. Somebody serious, somebody talented and ready to put in the time. Naturally this is somebody we want to build a long term working relationship with since the game will be very regularly updated and new avatars (and their respective skins) will need to be addressed as well. We are also seeking someone with imaginative style and are familiar with sprite styles from past games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Pox Nora and is able to find a nice middle ground with our current aesthetics.

Okay, so what are you paying?
Literally the million dollar question (but we're not paying a million dollars). Since we develop this as resources build up we do not have a set budget planned. We would like to hear from you what your rates would be, some examples of your work. But make no mistake, this would be a paying gig.

There we have it. Thanks for reading!


Comments (6)

Looks like a pretty solid game. I'm no artist, but your title drew me in, good luck though!

Also, S&M might not be the best title...

Looks like a pretty solid game. I'm no artist, but your title drew me in, good luck though!

Also, S&M might not be the best title...

Thank you. all caps posts never fail. It's cruise control for cool 83!

Also I love S&M. What horrible things are you thinking of?

Hello MaestroRage I saw your post and wanted to ask a few more question about the project. I am a Game Design graduate and I have had a small amount of practice with sprite work when I did the art for a rapid-prototype game. I was wondering if you would still consider me or point me in the direction of tutorials or websites so I may better improve on the art style. I was also wondering would you be looking for a particular program to do the art style in since I have only worked in photoshop, and small amount in flash. I am well aware of the art styles of Final Fantasy Tactics and other games such as Fire Emblem (the sixth installment for GBA), Super Mario RPG, and other tactical games as well. I am currently just trying to get my foot in the door so to speak and I am looking to improve in all aspects whether it is art, animation, 3d modeling, story-telling, or programming. I also do not know how much my rates would be since this is the first time I have done freelance work such as this but if you require a demonstration of work we could go off the quality of work for my rate? I hope to here back from you soon and thank you for your time in reading this message.

- A-Regular-Gamer

Hello Maestro. I can't really help you. However you might get a wider range if you advertise through The Collabinator.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/collab">http://www.newgrounds.com/collab</a>

that's a good idea actually, I can't believe I didn't think of that.


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