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Some patience, some thinking, truely strategic

This game is one that takes a little bit of patience to fully figure out. After you do it becomes a very interesting game to mix and match units to create different strategies.

For example, using the attack up and pheonix spell at the same time will wipe the playing board clean. For everybody who feels the massive influx of units at the end when damaging an enemy castle is impossible, use this to devestate them.

Or you could use tanks. The tanks are VERY useful units. Having just 2 in the background will keep your enemies juggled in the air, bring in some archers and other long range units coupled with 2 tank type units up front and you've got a pretty brutal front.

Just randomly putting cards together won't work. Think about what these cards do and how to best use them.

Overall, I loved this game.

Incredibly frustrating gameplay

The camera motion sucked. I like to know what the hell is going on when i'm firing. It zoomed in and out like it was just going to town on me. The enemies couldn't properly be targeted. That camera made movement impossible as well. I fell off like 5 times because of that, and when an enemy hits you, your character flies 50 miles off in that direction.

The only thing that is worth calling a game here is the graphics, a dead 0 in all other fields i'm afraid.

This was clearly not ready to be shown.

It's a good effort but I can't help but feel you kind of rushed it to cash in on the massive popularity the first games to use the medals would have. There were issues with this game which are signs of a rush release.

- choppy animation (like when I told my shotgun to fire backward, it still did the forward shooting motion)
- the draggable text box was a bad idea. Why didn't you just make it a down scrolling box with bigger readable text? I mean it's not THAT much to read and if anybody was willing to drag left and right every single sentence they wanted to read, i'm sure they wouldn't mind just reading it without extra effort.
- The enemies moved and acted awkwardly. They didn't do much in terms of animation, their attacks linear
- The main hero moved awkwardly too. Jumping, running felt strange (too fast imo)
- Sounds were not properly synced. In the training mission when the woman blocked the "tink" for her defense sound showed up like 3 seconds after the initial hit.
- The intermission screens looked rather bad. It felt like you didn't spend enough time making it look as good as it could have been. I mean bright red 1-2 pixel thick lines on black background with very distilled looking buttons, somewhat ugly layout.
- When I wall run and I tell my character to fly towards the wall I just ran from, he kind of locks past the window and you can see him slowly slide down with only his foot and back of his jacket visible. It fixes itself when I hit the ground, but that's obviously an awkward glitch.
- Guy jumps WAY too high. When I knock an enemy up, when they're only knocked half of how high I jump, it kind of ruins combo potential.

The good things.
- Style points idea, though borrowed off Devil May Cry, is carried out flawlessly. It's definitely a button masher feel like DMC and it has that same thrill doing it. I had a lot of fun smashing in with the curved blades and then busting out the sword for a jump to bring down the word of god on the minions.
- Decent enough art, the characters and enemies had potential. I can see with a bit more effort they could look phenomenal.
- Good comic art.

So all in all, this was rushed, somewhat sloppy work. I realize the alure for tapping into the rush of the medal system was great but I think the potential damage you did to your brand by releasing something not ready was far worse. At least in my eyes.

Good luck in the future!

The new graphics REALLY helps D:

I loved the first one, and the second one is only better. For those who don't like the negative filter (I think thats what it is when you put alcohol on the arm wound), I whole heartedly disagree with you :D!

That screaming, sudden flash of white intensifies the action so much more. Lets you know you've done something... painful. It does lag when that happens, but even THAT helps in my opinion, slow mo of the damage you've done. Think about it, alcohol on fresh muscle tissue? Oooof, the very thought makes me quiver.

The multitude of tools to use were awesomely awesome. Stitching was made more difficult, and the difficulty factor went up several notches. This I felt was a really fresh breath of air. I liked the first one, but found myself wishing it were more difficult. Here the added pressure of having a certain amount of time to save the person, with the tools added to making things more interesting. Measuring how drunk you need to get the guy to comfortably get by is another interesting factor.

Another idea to have is perhaps have gray stars randomly on the wound, or near the gold starts you have to press. If you accidentally click on one of these gray stars you damage the patient, and complications occur. That would really make things more difficult.

All in all, a brilliant game, good stuff jmtb02, good stuff indeed! Now i'm off to cut my leg again because it's every medic's dream to grow up to have to cut off their own appendage. That way patients can go "You're hurting me!" and you can go "I know >:(" and they won't know what you mean.

It be done!

The final version has really turned out terrefic! I can't help but wonder just how much effort and work you put into this, and so I tip my hat off to you and your talents.

The addition of another god I wasn't expecting, but I really liked it's favor mechanism. The one to give the killing blow >:}. Very nice. I was all like "people MOVE, the archers gonna make that guy catch the arrow with his face!"

The entire system was flawless, and I could find no bugs in it, the skills all worked and each unit had it's own special flavor. There are plenty of skills to buy and learn per person, and furthermore the combat system itself, though simple, I feel delivers the impact it needs to.

With so many things to click, one would think it would be complicated, and truthfully, if you are playing this for the first time, GO THROUGH THE TUTORIAL! or despite the rather simple looking layout, you will be lost, and you won't be able to command your forces properly. You can only not know how to move them around for so long...

Once again, well done Septenary. I look forward to working with you again sometime!

Septenary responds:

Thank you for your extensive, complete review! I'm really glad you approve of the finished version and were able to play it as fully as you did. :D Your musical skills are excellent, and worked perfectly with the game's theme. Thanks very much for all your help! I look forward to seeing any of your future projects, and would definately enjoy working with you again sometime in the future.

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