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watched. Still voted 5.

seems a tad recycled, but overall entertaining

Silly Weebl. This beat reminds me of the Electro Gypsy pretty hardcore. Is that a yamaha the horse is playing?

loved the song, great animation to go with it!

I must have watched this like 30 times, both the lego rendition and this one. At first I liked the lego one better because the woman's voice was... well womanier and the duet they had at the end is epic. But this one I really like how you drew the characters and your take on the song, and frankly this version of the song has a much darker and impacting feel when he goes on about the poodle.

Awesome, simply awesome. I think this is the best song of the whole musical cd.

Good sir...

I am in LOVE with what you have done with this piece! It has the same creepy yet magnificent German fairytale appeal to it that I strive to portray in my music. =) You and I must be kindered spirits in that feeling, dear. Clearly, we see eye-to-eye. Lovely art work, and a lovely video to go with my song! Thank you kindly!

With love,
Mandi (LadyArsenic) <3

TheSpicanator responds:

well, thank you very much! We had some little story boards written out. A few were to do a small corrupt scene of the nutcracker and the rat in a huge battle. I went through plenty of music and then i stumbled upon yours, and as soon as i heard it, everything just like fell together and we got the idea of a corrupted type santa Xmas toon. We figured everyone was doing a joyful happy cartoon, so we tried a darker side, we hoped it would help our chances out. Of course it wasnt the best animation. But practice makes perfect.
Thanks for reviewing, we have an eye-to-eye like you say

Epic comedies.

To be brutally honest to the guy who said your jokes needed to be thought out more.


It was the random nature of this flash which kept me watching it again and again (and again). The awesomely weird twists.

His elephant meant... so much to him (btw I didn't see you credit Naruto's Sadness and Sorrow song ;D!).

Terrifically random, had me chuckling, smooth and cute animation. Ace. Looking forward to more!

DunderAxel responds:

I didn't do that, but it was me playing it so I kinda forgot that. Darn!
Thanks for your wonderful review!

perhaps the best "awesome"contribution i've seen.

Honest to god, only Awesome movie i've laughed so hard and so many times for! I appreciate your own stylistic contribution rather then attempint to emulate Ego completely. The semi chibi/cute look really worked out here!

The ending, almost made me fall out of the chair.

But I figured why not, and threw myself off later.

Stated before, just gold!

secondstamp responds:

Hahahaha, awesome. Falling off your chair sounds awesome, gotta try that sometime.

BOOM, lol shot!


Slow mo headshot FTW X'D

why thats worthy of even Korean cackling!


Seriously too funny, very well animated, very well synched, good rips, humor at every turn. FAV'D!

DuDuL responds:

THANKS !!!!!!

Whale Retarditis... serious business D:

I felt badly for Melinda too... man you're good with these freaks, and a nicely executed pun on Jerry, I feel the same way. The real tear jerker for me on this one was where Melinda is being tossed around to dance on stage like a puppet. I don't know why, but you have this knack of making me feel bad for these freaks. I'd adopt one, but... well i'll just give you 20 dollars, to keep em alive a bit longer :D!

Good for Melvin too, good luck wherever he's going! *nowhere good apparently?*

Keep up the good fight, well animated.

Good stuff!

I myself am a pretty big warhammer fan, the marines were well drawn, kudo's. I look forward to the next installment.

TheDread responds:

Thanks, yeah i spent a long time on the marines because i did this with a mouse and im not a very good drawer but practice makes perfect. =)

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