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It raises the question, though - what were they actually gonna use your stuff for? Nice catch, guys. I hate liars.

Who knows... maybe (s)he would post them up somewhere before me so that (s)he could claim it was their work and steal it? I don't really know, or care, to be honest after she started sending me these songs I was pretty sure I wanted nothing to do with him/her.

lol, quite a story.
Well worth the read.

glad you enjoyed it, the bastard took up several hours of my time though. Time that could have been used to study >:(

What a story. You should write a book D:!

nah, i'll leave all the writing to "Christina". (s)he needs the practice developing well constructed crap.

seriously that was a pretty good read i love it when people can think of getting away from lies that are actually quite obvious :"p

oh and by the way any chance you got that story i sent by PM? just curious

I did in fact get both your stories BR, and I have read them both. I have yet to respond to them, i'll get right to that as soon as I find them. I did enjoy them both though :)!

I wonder how old "Christina" really is. That was some pretty weak crap tbh.

Yeah, that story on her page looks like it's taken straight out of a famous writer's work on a bad day.

seriously. If something like that happened to me, i'd totally write a book, make millions, and then hire more people to write me books, make more millions etc etc.

And to quote Khuskan:

"Every day you become more and more like the e-personality I want to be."


then every day you live a misguided dream D:

Seriously :(

Waffle Rofl?

Bravo Maestro!


I needed this laugh today.
Boy what a stupid thief...

mm hm. Though again I must stress the importance of DarkSide555's doing here. If it weren't for him I would have just known that it was stolen with no proof, and this whole thing wouldn't have collapsed in on itself.

Glad you got a laugh out of it, I giggle from time to time still.


Srsly! >:(

Teh CRECK of victory my friend, the CRECK of VICTORY >:}

OH MY LOL! It's getting better and better, check her profile! ;D

Mission accomplished I say!

It would appear so. Too bad, I was hoping it would give me the cubase file to prove me wrong, and then i'd have to quit. And then then e-drama hits the roofs!!!?!??!?!?!?

Oh well, good riddance to slow rubbish.

Definately worth the read, got a new story to tell my mom about e-crap.

Picking up the Oboe? My school band has three Oboes. Same fingerings as flutes, double reeds, sounds like ducks being clubbed to death. Tried it once, didn't honestly like it, so I'm staying clarinet for now.

but I LOVE the oboe sound D':

clarinet is pretty awesome too, that was another thing I was considering, but for some reason the oboe was something that spoke to me more. If you play it wrong, it does indeed sound like ducks being clubbed in a rusty blender, but with the right tone...

magic :')

We'll see how much I butcher it then.

I lold hard XDDDD

As you should, it's brilliantly delicious. Sometimes you need a little spice in life, in this regard we should thank "Christina"

Weird. Maybe I'm just stupid or didn't read carefully, but what exactly was her purpose with this whole thing???

I ask myself that question nearly hourly.

Nocka munkái, tervei loooool means Nocka's work and plans ahahhaha i dont think thats her name xD maybe Nocka but Nocka Christina? ahhhahaha nice1 its so funny...

I think maybe she fell in love with you or just wanted to take your songs and upload them somewhere else xD (sorry bad joke)

heh. Thats some funny business right thar. For future reference, i'll keep you guys in mind if another Hungarian situation occurs.

I figured it meant something like that...

In any case, that part is quite minor in my opinion, the fact a stolen song was sent is more then proof. Also we can only hope it really is a she... :'(

Besides, I upload my new songs first, before giving it to people, unless I get a chance to talk with most of the members involved in a game, so I know it's not some kind of foolish waste of time on my behalf.

Incomparably brilliant. I hope her career as a janitor at walmart works out well.

As we all know, that is where liars end up.

The moral of this story:
Bad people may go to hell, but stupid people go to walmart.

I wonder if they make Walmarts down in hell? That would be rather interesting...

Well bless her heart, I just hope (s)he doesn't do this kind of thing again. I don't take being lied to very kindly.

*blinks* *rubs eyes* *blinks again*

People suck.

Dude, I bartend for a living, and I can tell you FIRMLY, that people not only suck, but are incredibly stupid. Because they ask me questions like "Do you serve beer?" or "Do you have ice?" ... I WORK AT A BAR ...

Ill tell you what Rage, Ill write a good story about a liar, and you do the music for it! Something involving a pair of pliars and a blowtorch to go medieval on someone's ass... XD

No worries my man. Your fans here will stick up for you till the end!

I worked at cashiers myself, and I always found it deliciously infuriating when they pass the 5 signs that say we don't accept debit, and they bust out their debit card, and then act shocked as I randomly point to one of the MANY signs saying as such.

Some even get angry. Because they don't like it when they realize that they've gone ahead and firmly made themselves look like hamsters with down syndrome.

You know, I do intend to make those songs (s)he requested, but not for him/her. No, only so that if he/she ever visits again, those songs will be there to remind him/her, to not take people for retards. Because when it backfires on the wrong person, they will pay for it.'

As for that story Polar, you know i'd love to read it right ;). Lay it thick, lay it pure, write it up if you'd like!

OH OH OH test me too test me too!!!!

how do I test you when your stuff is everywhere >:(!?

"So... uh... why don't you tel-"
"Well I did it all with real electricity! And synthesized strings of wave forms!"

and I will of course, call you a liar, and run to my room weeping like a school child.

Oh man, thats quite a story you have there!
s/he is pretty dumb, i must say.
damn, i can think of some sort of sound track fitting in to this... I think O.o
Anyway, good job there catching that liar.

well it's possible to make a soundtrack to anything. You could take either side and make a track for it.

For example, if it was his/her side, you could start it off a little sinister, a little giddy, excited.

Carry on for a minute, give it different feelings of joy, perhaps some contempt.

End if it of with a disastrous climax, ended with a frantic beat. End of story.

if i where him/her i would kill my self now :D


Glad you do Mariomusicmaker1 :D! That is actually a failed ambient song... see I suck with making things simple, everything is always complex all the time :(.

I hope (s)he doesn't do anything drastic like kill him/herself, but what they did was seriously not cool. I do not take being lied to kindly, people who try to make a fool of me will only get my worst if I catch them.

You, my friend, are simply astounding! Mad props darkside for finding the proof.

Maestro, i really love how you catch a liar and rip them several new ass-holes in places that shouldnt have them. I find it twice as funny how you even suggest better ways to lie. It's really a comforting thought to know there is someone out there who can compose fantastic music, further their education, and still be so down to earth that they get their hands dirty shredding idiots like him/her to chunky little bits fit for squirrel consumption :D

Having been immensely humored by this epic tale of one persons ability to fail at life, i now direct myself to your audio page, for some audible candy, and to leave some reviews that probably should have been there much earlier than now :)


squirrels are awesome. They are the very bane of our existence. At some point in their lives, somebody is bit by a squirrel. It's how they track us :(

Direct away my friend, direct away! I hope you find yourself amused, entertained, and largely in worlds of great splendor :D!

And as for all this education business, it's going to get mad ugly in the next 2 weeks, so please understand if I don't respond to reviews for a bit. I'm going to do some rounds now, and hopefully that will hold for a bit.

A question remains unclear: did (s)he indeed get raped by a hundred angry squirrels?

my ninjas do not report any positive progress in this regard. The squirrels were not given enough angry rape juice to carry out their meaningless slaughter. I hope to correct this by throwing mother insults of the highest degree at them. Just because their mothers sometimes eat them as babies, and don't look at them after like a month, does not mean they don't obsess over their mothers!

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