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MaestroRage's News

Posted by MaestroRage - December 28th, 2009

If you haven't seen it yet. DO IT NOW. That movie is DEFINITELY something that has to be seen on the widescreen and in 3D.


One of the most amazing movies i've seen in a looooooong time. Music was pretty damn sweet too. James Horner. Never fails.

Posted by MaestroRage - November 13th, 2009

well now you can!

As part of our promotional efforts regarding the launch of NG's own freelance audio team Symphony of Specters we are currently busy creating a Producer's blog where we intend to create an inviting and fun place to geek rage about all things audio.

One of the things we will create is a step by step video demonstration towards taking any image/video and creating an underscore for it.

And this is where YOU, the artist gets involved! I need a picture to create a score for! So if you're an artist and you ever found yourself going "man I wish there was a song dedicated for this pic!" you have to speak up and show me your art!

The picture I go with will then be taken through this process with a finished song at the end dedicated to it's honor.

The artist will of course be credited and linked to in the description of the blog concerning this video as well as any other venues in which the video is put up (YouTube, even here on NG we want to make a tutorial collection of sorts)

Some things note.
- No abstract art. There's no way to even remotely give any credible tips for scoring to those.
- No crappy MS Paint pics, the more inspiring your picture the better the song will turn out and in turn the better the video will be.
- No "standing there" pics. All pictures should have an action or situation associated with them. Like, this man is dying, or, this thing is about to violently explode, or even this spaceship is flying through space. Character stills of them standing there looking at me does not inspire a good and relevant score.

Thanks for reading, and a big thanks if you decide to throw your hat in the ring!

Posted by MaestroRage - October 26th, 2009

It's only been 2 months, but really it felt like an eternity! I'm FINALLY BACK. And hopefully this time for good. I've quit the job, and now i'm returning home. Time to take things back on my terms and let no one else dictate otherwise!

Which brings me to my next point!

Symphony of Specters has launched today! It's a freelance business where a small team (all NG members) and I go off to conquer the 6 servers of the internet. We've gotten some pretty cool jobs and I have high hopes that this will in turn provide all of us a means of doing what we love on our own terms.

As promised, all my songs are back up, and new songs will be uploaded as time permits! I look forward to sharing with everybody once again!

As by request, the other NG members of the team are as follows.


Our web master has an NG profile but I forget it now, I think he only made an account to insult my mother via pm. I'm certain he uploaded his own music. It's on the tip of my tongue it's killing me i'll update this when I remember or get the info from him.

Posted by MaestroRage - October 25th, 2009

A day I thought would come much much later.

Soon Newgrounds, very soon.

Posted by MaestroRage - October 23rd, 2009

Strangely non of them are spartan related. But all are hilarious.

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Posted by MaestroRage - October 12th, 2009

for cereal.

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Posted by MaestroRage - September 12th, 2009

He's a pretty awesome guy, sadly we were unable to destroy the free world as I was hoping to accomplish in the 4 hours he was in Toronto.

Next time.

Posted by MaestroRage - September 12th, 2009

Locating all my links here for ease of reference and so I don't have to maintain a thousand pages in the long run.

Epic War 2 Soundtrack
Epic War 3 Soundtrack
5 minute orchestral/techno fusion
Lots of war/heroic songs

Posted by MaestroRage - September 2nd, 2009

Sorohanro's CD finally came out on NG's store. Finally the item that would break my no purchase streak has come to an end. Sorohanro is an amazing artist and contributor to NG so if you've got a bit of cash give the man some support.

In other news I am still hosting these files here until they are uploaded. Until then i'm going to try and be sneaky about sharing them behind the curtains. A few new uploads coming soon.

With this new post I may as well talk about the package with files I never shared, here are the links first.
Here was the Epic War 3 soundtrack link
Here is Epic War 2
Here was the 5 minute synth/orchestral fusion track

In here are 5 tracks labeled as such (FILE TAKEN DOWN FOR SOME ADJUSTMENTS)
Bonds of Brothers (loops)
Falling From Grace
Hooded Forest
Horror Ambiance 1
Till Death do I part

Bonds of Brothers is a very nostalgic, sad theme. Lots of cello at the start, perfect timbres for this type of emotion I felt. Has a dreamy camp fire in the background. Imagine yourself at night, surrounded by friends the kind that only comes maybe but once in our lives.

Falling From Grace is a malice filled piece. A lost innocence, a dying joy. Choir, brass, strings all climbs more and more until at last it jumps off the edge and wanders off into darkness.

Hooded Forest is an older track. In fact it's a track I made for the Castle Crashers contest. Up against the likes of David Orr, Arbiter I thought that traditional orchestral style was not how I could win (ironically enough it was a fully orchestral piece that got in there). So I decided to play off my own strengths and go with ethnic. Something celtic, something strange and mesmerizing. I don't think I quite captured what I intended and I decided I hated the song enough that I wouldn't even upload it.

It's odd a year after now that I listen to it, I find myself enjoying it again. Though saddened not to have shared it earlier, here it is now.

Horror Ambiance 1. This is me just getting creative with my sounds. Everybody does it, was my turn. Twisting and weaving sounds into a horror setting seems easy for me so that's what I do. This is the first real attempt of making something freaky.

Till Death Do I Part.

ha... ah... haha... I totally packaged the wrong version XC. This is the loop version, there is a full 1:30 version. The story behind this was I tried to create something for the wedding boss in CC. I think I went too far, too loud, too abnoxious. I'll let the public decide that. Full version up soon.

Thanks for the ongoing support. Things are getting better, the return date is at least back in site now :D!!!

As a thank you for all the support, here are a lot of recent war/heroic songs I've written. You'll get a bunch already findable in Epic War 2 and 3 in here but a lot of others too. Please bear in mind uploading.com has a rather slow service so this one will take a while. I also can't keep this one up for long, i'll leave it a couple weeks and go by ear.

trucking along just fine :D!

Posted by MaestroRage - August 1st, 2009

Super Edit:

Well i'm not going to make this lengthy or speechy. I'm too damn tired for that. Getting some stern soul searching in has yielded the obvious answers. I'm too old to hold onto idealistic notions and found a decent job that involves music I couldn't refuse. Sadly it entailed, taking down my free work.

Please download everything you can while you can. These files won't be up much longer. It's been fun Newgrounds.

Here was the Epic War 3 soundtrack link
Here is Epic War 2
Here was the 5 minute synth/orchestral fusion track

Here are 5 tracks i've never shared more details in a few.

Do not think this is the end, I will return. To the 0 bombers who are rejoicing, celebrate while you can.