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MaestroRage's News

Posted by MaestroRage - September 21st, 2007

So this year is promising to be an interesting one. Because for one, it has raped my schedule and life for the next 2 months.

Lets begin from the beginning.

I walked into this semester with a rather strange schedule, the classes I had picked and the classes I wanted, simply did not show up, and in their stead somewhat random classes. For example, I had Discrete Math 2 in the second semester, yet I did not have Discrete Math 1, I had said I wanted both throughout the year, yet they gave me 2 without giving me 1... should have right there and then figured something was messed. I had figured, maybe I was supposed to do these classes over what I picked *i'm in Computer Science Major*, and so didn't make a sound.

It came to my attention these classes did not seem to make any sense to me, and the level of difficulty was quite... high.

I made an appointment with the admission office to talk to them about these courses.

The hardest course I was taking, was hard, because the class needed 2 pre-requisate classes. Both of which I did not have...

"Okay, so what the hell happened here?!" was my first question, because truthfully, why would the system give me this class?

They didn't know, and so instead they had to reshuffle my classes 3 weeks into the semester.

For those who don't know, in most University Majors you have 3 tests, each test is worth 20-35% of your final grade. And the final can be 30-50%. I have been given Physics and Linear Algebra as new courses, 3 weeks late, and the first midterms are in 2 weeks.

So now i've got 2 courses to catch up on, AND already 2 courses to maintain, 3 of which are math, and 1 of which is rather simple, no problem.

In short my dear Newgrounders.

I. am. BONED

As of such, I will be shutting down all fronts of Newgrounds. For the next 2 months, I shall cease to exist. For those who care, i'm sorry, for those who don't, don't let the same thing happen to you.

Posted by MaestroRage - September 19th, 2007

As some of you may have noticed that the last two songs I submitted were outside my usual scope, and this trend will continue for a while longer. I am determined to pick up as many tricks and tips as I can concerning other genres to better further my understanding of music.

Here is a list of these experiments and why I made them.

He's a Pirate Dance Remix
I made this song to further my knowlede of dance and electronic arts. By definition of dance this song was a failure, symmetry is important in Dance, and the song jumps from 3/4 to 4/4 alot.

Simpler Times
Arbiter had challenged me of sorts to make a tune that wasn't sad/angry epic/noble and I took him up on the offer. Doing something else, it is a much happier vibe then previous works. It is still however epic, so I guess I wasn't COMPLETELY able to pass this one :/

Raw Energy
Designed to be for a FPS game held over at nyran-online.com this is my first DnB/IDM/Industrial beat ever. It holds a lot of tense energies, and breaks out towards the end into a hyper beat. Which is still very much under construction.

Wolf Team
A remix of the song played in the lounge of the game Wolf Team. A brilliant game. The purpose of the remix was to train my own ear on hearing somebodies work and taking it somewhere else, this was done with one hearing. As a result the song was obviously not 100% accurate to the one playing in the lounge, but it was damn close. So this, I consider a success.
Thats it for now. Thank you for your time.

Posted by MaestroRage - September 7th, 2007

The top 10 list for the [June Mac] is as follows!

1. David Orr - Four Brave Champions
2. Arbiter - MAC7 - Castlecrashers!
3. CornandBeans - Castle Crashers Menu Loop
4. MaestroRage - _-={Rage of the Champions}=-_
5. Waterflame - -Glorious morning-
6. Winterwind - Creature at the Mill
7. Tealnoise - Gargamell
8. MusicalRocky - La Batalla Afuera del Castillo
9. Rucklo - Indestructable
10. Bosa - ♪Domhail♪

Placed 4th in this great and wonderful contest, and truth be told, that was a great deal higher then I expected. I was up against some very high end powerful composers, such as Bosa, WinterWind-NS, DavidOrr, Arbiter, Cornandbeans, Zenon, Shadow16nh, and many more! To have placed fourth in this group is an honor in itself. I didn't enter this contest with the intention of winning, I couldn't sleep for a week just knowing that i'd finally get the chance to test my mettle against all these great artists!

I can still remember that alarmed fuzzy feeling. Must work, must make, must make better! was the line that constantly fed itself into my brain, and gave me the will to keep pushing when at times I felt like giving it all up! You should have seen me when people I had never heard of started submitting stuff. Alarming.

"Who is they, what is they, how good is they, how long have they" etc etc. The question list was as long and varied as the mold growing by my window sill.

All in all i've learned a HUGE deal from this contest. Having greatly enhanced power vibes, and writing more powerful movements, alongside a much better understanding at punshing percussion waves, like all projects and contests I undertake, it was all worth it!

Thank you for your time, I hope I did not bore you! Please listen to the top 10 songs, they are all brilliant in their own light!

In regards to the He's a Pirate remix it is for the time being done. I simply did not have the time to continue it. It is a time consuming job because i'm very new at it, so I must work much harder to make it sound somewhat respectable... oh well! Enjoy what there is thus far!

He's a Pirate Dance Remix V4

Posted by MaestroRage - August 31st, 2007

creating my first dance and remix ever. I never really liked doing remixes, because it seemed to be like taking somebody elses work and then kinda changing it. Like taking somebodies book and writing it different.

"no no... it's pronounced Alter, not Change :D!"

Though now I realize, it's just good fun. It's good to be able to sit back and just have fun every once in a while. A great way to pick up some interesting techniques as well. I'll be updloading my progress with the remix every once in a while! Then I will release the final version for the public!

He's a Pirate Dance Remix V3
This version Change:

- Bass Line plays a bit more of an important role
- Extended by about 20ish seconds
- Changed the songs melody a bit
- Added choir break in

He's a Pirate Dance Remix V2

This Version Change
- Faster bpm
- more full sounding
- truer to the original melody
- 20 seconds longer, but because it's faster, significantly longer


While we wait for the results of the MAC, i'd like to say a few things to all the people who leave reviews for me.

First off. Thank you very much.

I appreciate each and every word you write, and do not think I do not read them. I read each and every one and appreciate them all. However due to the site's missing features finding all the new reviews, and responding to ones I forget about have become very difficult. I can keep track of the first 6 or 7 rather well, however after that it becomes a game of guessing. Clicking on one whose score I think changed, and seeing if I was right.

If you have written me a review, and would like me to respond to it *and it's not on the most recent 5 or so*, please don't hesitate to also drop me a pm stating where it is. I will seek it and respond to it.

With that said, thank you for reading, I hope you will stick around to enjoy some of the works that can be found here!

Posted by MaestroRage - July 26th, 2007

Currently reviewed 67/147 entries

There are 152 submissions, I am not counting my own of course.

As some of you may be aware there is an audio contest currently being held by Tom Fulp and the crew to score for their upcoming release of Castle Crashers for XBox live arcade. More info at June MAC Thread.

I have currently 5 pieces submitted to the contest, and with that, the judging has began! I wish the best for all contestants, let the fight begin!

Entry 1 - Main Theme (removed)
Title: Remember Us
Notes: This song actually is longer then 2 minutes, and therefore is not allowed in the contest, I plan on taking the meaty epic core, and cutting out the gentle parts, keep it pure >:)!

Entry 2 - Boss Battle Theme
Title: The Desire to Destroy
Notes: This song was designed with the intention of being used in the fight against the large fighter who uses his shield to smite things. If you watch the trailer over at www.castlecrashers.com, you'll see whom i'm talking about.

Entry 3 - Game Over Theme 1
Title: Tell me Once Again
Notes: There is a nostalgic and somewhat sweet air to this tune. Perhaps not perfectly suited for the game, but not every hero is remembered as a vicious killing machine. The many good deeds, the many lives they were able to save will surly hail their champion with not how bloody they blade was, but how much blood they didn't spill.

Entry 4 - Generic Battle 1/Boss Theme 2
Title: Rage of the Champions!
Notes: Another driving powerful piece depicting the powerful heroes at their dirtiest. Forgetting all noble thoughts and actions to absolutely crush their enemy absolutely.

Entry 5 - Game Over theme 2
Title: Into That Gentle Night
Notes: This one reflects of the attempts of our heroes failures on a more personal level. The slow funeral march drums speaks of efforts and actions committed in vain. Though their arms were strong, the strength of their enemies were simply stronger.

Entry 6 - Ambient Level theme
Title: Deranged Sanctuary
Notes: This was created with the image of a great castle hall. But of course, it is a ruined, fallen castle. Some inspiration was also drawn from Lion Head's own Fable 2 screen shot found here!

June MAC, crunch time!

Posted by MaestroRage - July 20th, 2007

Last week a very good friend of mine lost his mother. We are a close group of friends creating an online game, in which I am a part of. We are all shaken by this loss, and wish Tom, our best.

I have stopped all projects for the time being in order to make Tom a requiem. It is not easy to lose somebody close to you, and I would not wish such an event on my worst enemy.

So here's to you Tom. Keep up the good fight, and may you live your days swimming in pleasant memories of your mom.

Posted by MaestroRage - July 18th, 2007

So I was surfing teh internets one day, when a good friend of my brought a contest to my attention held over at soundsonline.com. The contest entailed that I was to compose to a 2 minute movie clip, and i've never had to work so hard in my life for 2 minutes worth of audio. Pulling no short corners, and pushing myself to the limit, and then some, this was born!

Mind Break - Animation by Zennor Alexander

The audio file for this song will probably find its way to my page soon, however without watching the clip it may not make much sense, as it jumps around, and changes directions too much. In any case, I hope you enjoy!