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MaestroRage's News

Posted by MaestroRage - April 18th, 2009

i'm copying Karco who copied gregaaron89 who copied MICHhimself who copied xKore who copied Sp1r1T

but WritersBlock did it first, inspired by ZekeySpaceLizard's posts,

But it's TIME FOR SOME EPIC STUFFZ! Let's start off with some epic choirs

/* */

/* */
This song captivated me. I listen to it still, almost religiously

/* */
One of my favorite themes. The thing Mancina does here with the violins and the soprano's voice mind blowing imo. Crappy YouTube quality may diminish effect. Also ignore the "deep" slideshow by what's her face.

/* */
another theme from the same series.<div class="blogmedia">
I used to load this game just to hear this song. Pinar Toprak does some excellent melodic play here, the battle song for the game is even better but I can't find it now.

/* */
Olivier's composition for the game Alone in the Dark far outshined the game itself I feel

/* */
Plus, I will be releasing a lot of song material with the upcoming release of 2 games, one The Great Siege already released on Kongregate and another still hidden from the public view. I hope you will enjoy them when they come out!

Meter ( 110.15 / 464.00 ) | 23.73% + $0.91

Also, here's another pic that makes meh lul.


Dreams do come true.

Great Epic tracks!!! Also minor updates.

Posted by MaestroRage - April 17th, 2009

I know the new Rev System wasn't designed to make anybody filthy rich but thanks to rev shares from flash authors and the generous support of some listeners who visited the sponsors on my audio pages i've managed to squirrel a small bundle. I am hereby putting out my goal and how close I am to reach this goal for all to see in hopes of furthering that goal faster. I hope listeners will continue to support my work and consider visiting the sponsors who make NG possible and now, help support me.

So This is my current top priority.
Why? I have never heard solo instruments so well sampled and articulated. The biggest gap in my library pool right now is solo instruments. The lacking department in this area has forced me time and time again to give up expressing a certain idea since there was no package which really articulated well enough to carry it out. I feel that this library will fix that, and for $400, it's a steal. It's true that nothing beats a live performer, but getting live performers is out of my budget range atm.

Cost (399.00)
+ Shipping and Handling, tariff and taxes = $65

Total Cost (464.00)

I don't know if I can raise this kind of money from ad revenue, but I hope listeners and fans will help push me along. It would be just fantastic!

In either case, I am grateful for the years i've had here. The people, the fans, the support, all of which made everything possible.

EDIT. This picture is make meh lul.

New Rev System - New source of hope

Posted by MaestroRage - April 11th, 2009

I'm going to be buying this soon, I'm absolutely stunned at the way these people went around with this program. Synth evolution at it's most creative! At least, that i've seen anyways.

/* */
very cool.

Posted by MaestroRage - April 3rd, 2009

The April Fools prank was epic lulz, thanks for those who participated, even if they weren't entirely aware of the joke at first!

Anyways, back to the school projects, 2 more weeks of silence from my end. I will be uploading some material for a game that will be coming out very soon, like couple days soon. Be on the watch out!

The reason why I have disabled comments is to remove the temptation of coming back to check on it. It worked for the most part but I guess here I am still from force of habit :/. If it's important I still check my inbox a couple times a day.

Posted by MaestroRage - April 1st, 2009

I guess it's high time the cat is let out of the bag. My audio has already been banned, and too many people are asking what happened. It's been so long, this pressure so hard. For the past 2 and a half years the pain and anxiety became a big burden on my shoulders i'm all but too happy to finally let go.

There is this deep, deep sense of relief as I write this letter to you. Equally, there is a a terrible regret. It's time I just came out with it, no more lies, no more deceit. If there is any merit to that stupid saying, this should in theory set me free.

Over the years i've been fed midis and recently high quality mp3's from a friend studying under the local composer John Shore as well as other free midis I could find over the internet and random packs. I have ripped those midis and simply plastered them up as my own. Cutting up snippets and butchering many of them for the loops.

I have never taken money from the "jobs" I had, scared, terrified that this day would come. I'm sick to the stomach, but at last, this day has come.

The material from my alt accounts, MaestroSorrow and MaestroSegments, those are real (for the most part). I just wanted so badly to become one of the greats. I can't give excuses, I wanted to be able to make something worthwhile, but all I could do was worthless.

For so long... why I was so hungry to compose but so bad at the craft regardless of how hard I worked and studied, it tore at me until I decided to try and see what it was like, if only for a little while, to be decent. This is why I would often write in my responses "Anybody can do what I do" because sad truth is, they can.

For this I am truly, truly sorry. I've lied to everybody for years now. I've built friends and I would not blame any of them if they chose to shun me or ignore me. Many of you have already. I don't blame you.

I'm truly sorry to John Shore, the great composer of whom a lot of this material is taken from. Please do. not let my actions ruin the trust between your students who unknowingly gave me their study material you provided them, they were not aware I was going to use them this way.

Another big apology goes to Mandi, aka, LadyArsenic, whom for those years believed in me, and encouraged me where I have told her only lies. I hope, I pray you will find somebody to work with, that is worth your time and your very self.

I'm sorry to all my fans who likewise stuck around to listen to these tracks, enjoying them, using them, commenting on them. This is one of the biggest slaps an artist can give to his loyal fans.

I'm sorry. Just, so sorry.

Also April Fools!

Posted by MaestroRage - March 26th, 2009

Firstly a huge thank you to everybody that gave their input whether through the newspost or PM regarding the ventures that are taking place. We have gathered plenty of data and are well on our way to making it happen.

For the next 2 weeks however I will personally be away from Newgrounds as I prepare to rev my engines to finishing my finals.

In other news our own Mandi has one first place at a competition held over at Precision Sound to use one their libraries. Mandi came out on top of many composers beating out two seasoned composers! The youngest in the bunch she tore them all a new one.

So a hearty congrats to her on that! To boot she only used ONE of their libraries while the other guys used multiple, and in one case, even 5.

Plenty going on behind the curtains, all will be revealed soon.

Posted by MaestroRage - February 28th, 2009

In the coming months me and a small team of composers will be producing packs, loops, and sound effects which we hope will be used and spread around in the flash and indie game development scene. Ranging from orchestral to ambient, to techno/trance, rock, and anything else we can create at a good grade

*If you're a music producer who is interested in joining the team please let me know through this post or through pm box, more information on request*

This is where we need your help. We're focused, we're energetic, but we're not sure what it is you, the flashers look for most in your animations/games. For this reason we're asking everybody what it is they find themselves wanting when they produce.

Some points we'd like to ask (feel free to answer any, or add something you'd like to contribute if it's not on the list)

1. Length
(do you find yourself seeking short 30-45 second loops to use? Full length cinematic cues?)
2. Genre/Style
(do you find yourself seeking electronic music or orchestral most?)
(how many songs do you find yourself looking for? Where? Title, one for levels, one for credits?)
(How big is too big? How much space do you find yourself putting aside for all things audio?)
5. Sfx over music?
(which is more important to you? Solid sound effects or solid music?)

Finally we'd like to ask you to make a list of what you'd like us to make for your dream project(s). Everybody has that ultimate project they want to make. The hardcore RPG, the Sci-fi RTS, the Flight Sim. Anything and everything. Our goal is to produce tracks which would be useful for these dreams, at no cost for you.

Even if you're not a developer we'd like to hear from you! What kind of music do you want to hear when you play certain games?

Thank you for your time and helping us serve the flash and indie game scene better!

(If you were ever curious about what I used or wanted to ask me a question I am fielding all questions).

Posted by MaestroRage - February 20th, 2009

Nothing currently going on or am allowed to say about, got tired of the last news post. I'll take this time to field any questions about anything people might have for me or Mandi (LadyArsenic) if she feels like answering. Go nuts, anything you were curious about or wanted to ask me (or us), now's the chance. Just don't resort to stupid questions please. I'm willing to indulge all information about how I did what, how I got where, whatever is on your mind.

Cawk Joak. Now we can be serious?

I'll field the first question i'm sure some people are curious about.

I use Fruity Studio 8 as my sequencer

I use the following VSTi plug-ins for my instruments.

East West Gold Orchestra PRO XP (and PLAY edition)
East West Boesendorf 290
East West Symphonic Choirs
East West RA
East West Storm Drum 1
East West Percussive Adventures 2 (YAY, ADVENTURE!)
East West Colossus
East West Ministry of Rock

Nine Vault Audio Taiko

Zero-G Phaedra

PrecisionSound Persian Satur
PrecisionSound Fantasy Winds
PrecisionSound Something else (I really didn't like these samples, terribly programmed and value)

Bela D Tenor

Project SAM Symphobia (newest addition)

I feel like i'm forgetting some, i'm sure i'll go write them later. And yes, all this cost me several grand. But damn it, this is what I do.

Ask away Newgroundians.

Posted by MaestroRage - February 5th, 2009

In the coming weeks the project that's been under wraps will be released and a flood of new songs will be graced to the portal! For now the best I can do is offer yet another video clip with the song to give you all a taste of what the music will be like!

/* */
This should be the high quality format but if it's not you can click on this link to listen to the higher quality one (thanks Danman87 for the tip!)

I'm quite excited for this project, I hope you enjoy the tune!

Posted by MaestroRage - January 18th, 2009

So our own LadyArsenic attended a talent show this past Thursday where she decided she was going to sing Hallelujah written be Leonard Cohen, performed by James Buckley while performing on the piano blindfolded!

The talent show went off to a rocky start with a bunch of losers who decided disrupting the talent with insults and loud obnoxious noises would be hilarious.

Nervous as hell knowing the kind of audience was awaiting her, she braved out and despite their best efforts she got through the full performance, and managed to rally... a little support ;D.

Watch the clip for details.

/* */
Also a huge thanks to everybody who suggested the wonderful music in the last newspost. I have been indulging in acoustic masterpieces for days now, if you do have any other suggestions, please let me know!