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Knowing more about what you did with regards to the mix here makes it that much more interesting to me. Mixing music of this style and genre has always been a massive challenge, but damn dude this mix was really on point.

Solid song, solid execution. I have no words of technical criticism, and subjective opinion is meaningless, though I did enjoy the piece tremendously.


man I am so insanely happy you are still composing and producing these works of art. Keep it up Bosa, never stop my man.

Bosa responds:

Oh my God, I can't believe it's you. I haven't heard from you in so long man, it's great to hear from you again. I plan to continue the tough work of music!

Should... Should I pump it up?

Father-of-Death responds:

idk its kinda a poopy beat but for 3 seconds of pumping up time hey you might as well just pump it up a little

Edgen, it's been far, far too long.

Nothing to say, thoroughly enjoyed :)

Every time...

Every damn time I listen to your songs, I get all goose bumpy. Damn it Dan. Your lyrical writing prowess has increased so freaking much buddy.

glad I found this.

Having a bit of a problem atm. Got the lights turned off, this sorrowed beat in the background. Sitting in the darkness with the moon's light filtering through my blinds. Like a prison, with all the time in the world to think.

I have no words of critique for you i'm afraid.

Just, thanks. Keep up the good fight.

snayk responds:

I hate it when I can't help listening to my thoughts :(

Such brutal geetars, one day it will be complete:c

one day JP... one day...

when Duke Nukem 3D shows up. Dork said he needs me to resend him the guitarless part now that his computer is up and running again. I'm sending it to him in about 3 minutes, hopefully we can get this underway again. I need to redo a lot of the middle and end as some of those samples are teh crap.

Thanks for posting this up sir, proved to be a bit of an inspiration, reminded me why we sat down and decided to do this.

Keep up the good fight, keep em coming!

Rig responds:

Sweet, let me know what happens with Mr. 555!

You should see me headbang. I look like a dork! XD

Hell-o there, Mr. PGegen... >=3
Ragey sent me this song and was all "Look, they've remixed you 2 days after you released this!" and I was all "Lolwut?" So I took a gander at it. This is very well done sir. Believe it or not, I'm a total metal head, so I love this kind of stuff a LOT. With my chorus in there, it ALMOST sounds kind of Nightwishy. =/ Strange.
Anyway, lovely remix! I approve!

With love,
Mandi (LadyArsenic) <3

PGegen responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't really have Nightwish in mind when I was recording but I can definitely see the stylistic similarities. Your song was certainly fun to remix and provided a good melodic structure while still leaving room for elaboration.


Too epix for meh.


you BASTURD >:(!!!!

I can't stop laughing. This was priceless. Was that your voice? Do you do voice acting, dude I know so many projects that could use an epic voice like that.

Okay, downloaded, fav'ed. You are made of win in my books forever nao.

Father-of-Death responds:

It was my voice. but i edited it of course... :P

A lol, I had it.


This was a brilliant project! Well done Rig! Fyndir's voice acting was incredible. I don't have anything to say in regards to making it better, but I wanted to drop my support.

Well done to the both of you!

Rig responds:

Why thank you, good sir!

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