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dead good and cigarettes dead good and cigarettes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

glad I found this.

Having a bit of a problem atm. Got the lights turned off, this sorrowed beat in the background. Sitting in the darkness with the moon's light filtering through my blinds. Like a prison, with all the time in the world to think.

I have no words of critique for you i'm afraid.

Just, thanks. Keep up the good fight.

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snayk responds:

I hate it when I can't help listening to my thoughts :(

Rig, MRage, DS555 - Authority Rig, MRage, DS555 - Authority

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Such brutal geetars, one day it will be complete:c

one day JP... one day...

when Duke Nukem 3D shows up. Dork said he needs me to resend him the guitarless part now that his computer is up and running again. I'm sending it to him in about 3 minutes, hopefully we can get this underway again. I need to redo a lot of the middle and end as some of those samples are teh crap.

Thanks for posting this up sir, proved to be a bit of an inspiration, reminded me why we sat down and decided to do this.

Keep up the good fight, keep em coming!

Rig responds:

Sweet, let me know what happens with Mr. 555!

Tetra Arsenic RMX Tetra Arsenic RMX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You should see me headbang. I look like a dork! XD

Hell-o there, Mr. PGegen... >=3
Ragey sent me this song and was all "Look, they've remixed you 2 days after you released this!" and I was all "Lolwut?" So I took a gander at it. This is very well done sir. Believe it or not, I'm a total metal head, so I love this kind of stuff a LOT. With my chorus in there, it ALMOST sounds kind of Nightwishy. =/ Strange.
Anyway, lovely remix! I approve!

With love,
Mandi (LadyArsenic) <3

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PGegen responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't really have Nightwish in mind when I was recording but I can definitely see the stylistic similarities. Your song was certainly fun to remix and provided a good melodic structure while still leaving room for elaboration.


Claims of New Grounds-DecMAC08 Claims of New Grounds-DecMAC08

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Too epix for meh.


you BASTURD >:(!!!!

I can't stop laughing. This was priceless. Was that your voice? Do you do voice acting, dude I know so many projects that could use an epic voice like that.

Okay, downloaded, fav'ed. You are made of win in my books forever nao.

Father-of-Death responds:

It was my voice. but i edited it of course... :P

Dramatic Reading - Xaos PM Dramatic Reading - Xaos PM

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A lol, I had it.


This was a brilliant project! Well done Rig! Fyndir's voice acting was incredible. I don't have anything to say in regards to making it better, but I wanted to drop my support.

Well done to the both of you!

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Rig responds:

Why thank you, good sir!

Hallelujah performed by Cayler Hallelujah performed by Cayler

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great rendition, great voice, well played and sung

For the past couple days I find myself coming back to listen to this track. It's one of my favorites and you've done it brilliant justice! Your voice really settles with the song and fades/strengthens at very appropriate times.

Gawd I love these lyrics. So deliciously awesome.

I'm not going to talk about the vibrato in your voice, been brought up enough, I agree you can feel how genuinely you felt the song as you sung it. I wanted to talk about the instrumentation. Now this is all entirely personal preference of course, but I can hear a full orchestral score for this song. A low rumbling cello, the soft reverbed panflute to double your voice and the piano. I wish you had brought those strings up a bit, and introduced a bit more bass.

you know what, you've really inspired me to try that out. You really are a talented musician, keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

Cayler responds:

You said it, these lyrics are so deliciously awesome. xD I know what you mean about the music, when I was mastering it the music ended up being too quiet and to me it sounded like old people music and that had to change. I ended up bringing it up more but not enough. The version of this that inspired me to make it was just an acoustic guitar so I was trying to keep the peaceful effect by not overwhelming the listener, but in retrospect I'd say that this piece is just too beautiful not to be fully filled out with music. I too wish I had put more in there. I hope you take a chance at this song too, and let me know when you post it. :) I'll give a good review, just like you did.

Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit) Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

brilliant melody, inspiring, bit repetitive.

following very restrictive rules you've done a fantastic job. I've always sat back and enjoyed your chiptune works. I can hear this fully fleshed out and I can hear it being something very powerful. The very notion it can inspire such clarity in my head is a testament in itself.

Brilliant work Nick, i'm always watching you *stalker level*

Keep up the good fight, keep em coming!

NickPerrin responds:

Cheers, thanks for the review. These are tons of fun to make, but I haven't made a full orchestral piece in ages, so I think I'm putting it off by making these haha... Oh and if you, as you said, hear this fully fleshed out into something powerful, I could give you the MIDI of this to make into something more...


@ndrea - Silver Rose @ndrea - Silver Rose

Rated 4 / 5 stars

euphoric, catchy

I don't quite agree with my fellow reviewer BJRA. Sidechaining is a common technique used in much electronica this I admit but I didn't quite really see the need here. Not everything has to be sidechained and I think this is one such songs.

The super fast melody here would be disrupted constantly if you side chained the bass/pads. The song reminds me of DragonForce to be honest, and I love DragonForce :D!

One of my favorite moments in this song is 1:06 where after the insane speed melodic riff you throw out some extended notes, very euphoric sensation.

There are some areas of improvement. The song does sound a bit lifeless. I WOULD recommend some side chaining at 2:33 to give your song a nice thumping, give that extra push after all that. The song felt a bit repetitive, I would have loved to hear you explore your theme a bit more.

I noticed you are new to the portal, it is good to see you up here so soon! I like your style, I hope you stick around, keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

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AndreaDigita responds:


Yeah you're definitely right, I think I could give it even more variations and I promise I will on my next song ^.~

I'll keep fighting! Thank you very much Maestro ^^

==(Cloudclimber)== ==(Cloudclimber)==

Rated 4 / 5 stars

great story! good ideas, repetitive in parts.

What I really liked about this song was the diversity of it. There were a lot of sounds going on, a lot of melodic ideas. The mixing was supurb. Nothing clashed, nothing was dull, stale or lifeless, and the deep thudding percussion worked very well.

My personal favorite percussion movement 4:11 with the panned kicks. The song did blend together making it difficult to focus on for long periods of time. The imagery written in the description panel was incredible SBB. As a story writer i'd shake your hand. Well done.

The beginning here felt like just the watching the silent and still sky. The dawning sun painting the heavens it's orange and red hues. Then when the piano kicks in our plane pops into the picture all "hai guis!"

oh that silly plane. Though I do agree the whale sounds are a bit distracting. I mean in your story I can hear the giant gliding birds make the sound, but I still saw a giant flying whale first.

still, excellent track, keep up the good fight, keep em coming!

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Buoy responds:

[sorry for the late response, sorry for the late virtual hand shake and sorry for the late "thanks for the review" :)]

Solus- Cast Off Solus- Cast Off

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

WAY too much reverb, great ideas, very relevant.

Solus normally I find great idears in your song. But I felt this piano ballad was not one of your best. Though it's far from bad it's also not as original as most of your work. As mentioned I hear a lot of FF. I even hear Balamb Garden melody at 0:24-0:28.

For one Solus, why is there SO MUCH reverb?! I mean yes a bit of reverb and echo makes a song feel nifty but this was overkill sir. It was difficult trying to get the image to click with that much going on. Not going lie to you sir, lost big points for it.

I think a dryer right hand and a much dryer left hand would have made a bigger impact.

Though this song portrays loads of interesting melodic ideas I felt it also didn't have much consistency. Jumping from one idea to another. However each idea was constructed well and it felt full througout, and each segment did flow to the other quite well. There were little in terms of melodic repetition which I think would have made this ballad stand stronger on its feet.

Still stalking you ya bastard, keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

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SolusLunes responds:

Yay, finally something other than "OMG GREATESTSONG EVAR", with REASONS too!

I'm gonna make you some pancakes.

Seriously, as far as FF goes, I think I played FF8 for all of about ten minutes. Then I had to leave, and I just never got around to playing that game again. So you can't blame me for that.

Too much reverb? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh. Um. I guess it's really a question of personal preferences... but just for you, I'm going to turn down the reverb and listen to it again.

Okay. After listening again, I really have to disagree with you there. The lack of reverb completely takes away from the body of the song, and the "floatiness" I was trying to convey. Even just like half of it seems to kill it.

Again, the lack of consistency was kind of what I was aiming for, to just fly free, and tell the rest of the world, "fuck off, I'm flying here."

Granted, yes, sure, it would make it a better song overall, but then it'd be pulled from the direction I wanted to go.

Plus it made it SO much more fun to write.