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Dear 0 raters.

2008-10-26 15:00:55 by MaestroRage

I had sworn I would never give 0 voters recognition by making a post as I know many of them are trolls and like to read about their actions, but it's time I put aside that mentality for a minute. This will likely be the only time and place I will ever talk about this.

I realize that a lot of my fellow colleagues including myself have been under heavy attack recently. Whether it is a group or a single person it's clear we've made enemies for submitting content. It's ironic to me that so many members whine about 0 attacks yet find it absolutely necessary to continue to attack others around them. After all, why not right? You who are fully aware how you felt when you are attacked, deem it fit to pass that frustration along. An endless cycle of hot potato.

It is especially sad to see accomplished artists take heavier and heavier blows as success follows them. You do this because you somehow hope that these attacks will deter them from submitting further. Break their spirits and make them give up so that you, the incompetent and impatient have a slightly higher chance of taking ill gained fame. The Newgrounds Audio Portal isn't a fair place after all, why not get to where you want to be by building bridges made from tombstones.

Great talent has left this site because you dear 0 rater, have won. You've won again and again and the Audio Portal has suffered for it. But even you, a poor wretch can not stop the evolution of this portal. As time comes by more talent of higher skill filter down. This place becomes more and more daunting and you of course panic. These new talents must be stopped at all costs.

You reach for your trusted 0.

I'm not sure for my colleagues you attack every day when I say you will never win. But I speak for myself when I say,

you will never win.

You will NEVER break me. You can wish, you can pray and you can cry all you want to yourself while you carry out your routine of attacking us, but in the end we will tower over your self justified irrational ego. I WILL keep submitting, track after track after track. Do with them as you will, as is your right, but know your attacks only serve to fuel me.

I get great pleasure in thinking about how you must squirm and justify why a track sucks and 0 vote it. How easy the mind convinces itself when a common goal between mind and mentality meet. I get even more pleasure in hoping by listening to my work you get a similar anger. A similar envy and jealousy. The desire to see my work and myself destroyed increasing with every day.

I push forward relentlessly to keep giving YOU the 0 rater this anger in the hopes it will consume you completely. In the hopes your anger explodes and you lose entire weeks relentlessly praying I get hit by lightning or a car that day. So that after all this is done you will have nothing. You will sit back and realize you've wasted your weeks, your days to a cause that not only didn't work, but backfired. You've failed yourself and your fans because all you could do with your time was spread anger and frustration.

Many of you will go "haha, as if!" and give me that 0 to "show me". But even that is proof of self justified anger. By all means, proceed 0 rater, I know your cool facade will vanish and a deep jealous rage will replace it. And that is when I start winning.

You will learn that in life whenever somebody better then you shows up, or an artist you don't want to become "famous" arrives you will not always have your beloved 0. You will not always have the right to try and convince these people they are no good by smashing into their work.

You will learn this and you will move on, as we all will. You dear 0 rater, are incapable of destroying us.

My orchestra teacher and my good friend showed me a clip that he and 2 other friends had made in University back in the early 70's. They made this clip using nothing but tapes and of course still photography. It's damn fascinating to see some of the weird things they did with it. Sadly the sound track has been lost for the video (a miracle the video was salvaged) I am considering creating an experimental soundtrack of my own for good practice.

I hear that animation majors have to so something like this. I remember JohnnyUtah talking about doing something like this for an animation project he did once.

Enjoy the lost arts of the 70's! Also please don't ask me how they did what's here... the only thing I recognize is the constructive/deconstructive interference of sound waves at the end. Even that I don't know how they captured that.

/* */

I'm leaving Newgrounds...

2008-10-16 12:53:30 by MaestroRage

for five minutes, I swear I just need to go out and get some fresh air! Horrible flu is preventing brain from sense making.

I'm leaving Newgrounds...

So it seems the contest held a few unexpected surprised. As I had predicted contestants began to mobilize their own forces before the contest gave out. I was head to head with one of them before another skyrocketed 200 votes, 30 votes ahead of me and the other guy!

For days battling with this other guy and plotting was one of the most exciting times of my life!

And I have a lot to thank to the NG community. Seriously, without a second's hesitation, over 140 of you came to support my cause. Though I didn't win that contest I can easily say I have no regrets. I gave it my best, and many people came to help. I will never forget this.

To each of those, a heartfelt thank you! I'm not ashamed to say I was moved to tears at such support.

I may seem like a sap, but i'm feeling very sappy right now. The contest is over and at last I can return to giving NG my work. I will forever continue giving NG my work, until I or my passion dies. I hope the former before the latter.

On that note, I will be redoing "A Maestro's Rage". Extending it and refining it. I will keep what I have here as a constant chapter of history that played out on my life, but I will definitely want to make that song more powerful and longer.

Well I guess it wasn't meant to be

I've taken part of a contest!

2008-10-02 13:52:03 by MaestroRage

Hey people!

Another rewrite, potentially one more week left of the poll)

Last month I participated in a contest being held over at which entailed taking a short melodic motif and turning it into a short 30-60 second song. I in fact submitted this song last week, findable on my audio page.

The contest prize is a wonderful Mbox Pro 2 which would be an incredible tool to use. I would for example, never have to worry about lag again, about unstable performance which resulted in me having to stop working on many songs. Too many crashes and failures just killed the inspiration right out of me.

Please help me get this tool and help me continue creating works for free and without worry! Please click this link and vote for my entry (findable about halfway!)

Every vote counts! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and all assistance to making it happen!

Some stats
Current Position 3rd
- 172 votes

First Position has
- 216 votes

Second Position has
- 173 votes

For what can only be imagined forever, the Audio forum has had its guardian rear his mighty ban blade and threadicator and kept the audio forum clean and chilled. From his first day where red forum blood flew all over the walls and uncontrolled voices were damned to silence.

(for up to 30 days ffs!!!)

Today marks the day this guardian leaves us. All too often I forget that not everybody here can stay here forever. Things come up, life changes and we must accommodate. His stepping down today reminded me that even though I like to think we're all a family here on Newgrounds. Sometimes we have to break the illusion and move on.

lighting a candle for you Rucks, keep it safe and legal. And remember

like how there are no girls on the internet, there is no life outside of it.

Come back soon :(

Vote for the next MAC Part 2!

2008-09-25 12:41:17 by MaestroRage

We're brilliantly in a tie for votes.

4 for pic
4 for story.

In this situation I must take into consideration only the votes cast by members who will participate. For this reason the winner is pic. Solus has found a pic for us and I agree with his theme. Let's get this party started.

Vote for the next MAC!

2008-09-24 21:37:25 by MaestroRage

The Audio Forum is having another swing at the whole making music thing. We do that a lot. Attempting to keep ourselves democratic a vote will take place to see which contest is deemed most desirable. The rules are simple.

Choose as many contest themes you'd like, reserve the first spot as your most desired, and everything else as your secondary you'd like to partake in. You don't have to choose everything, in fact, choosing everything doesn't help us. Pick only the ones you'd REALLY like to be a part of.

Using a basic point system, the first spot is worth 3 points and the others worth 2.

The list is as follows.

- Story/Picture inspired piece
- Comedy
- Big build up let down
- Speedcore
- Embody something of nature
- Team/collaboration based MAC
- Sample MAC *take any sample and make a song out of it! Distort, pitch bend, etc*

For your vote to count you MUST post in this newspost. PM's will not be accepted, you will only be told to post here. I will throw in my own vote later. Garbage posts that are irrelevant will be deleted, let's make it a good one!

I found this picture while searching for "Inspirational Pictures"


Vote for the next MAC!

Seeking Flash Artists/Website Designers for big project!

2008-08-11 01:11:41 by MaestroRage

There are elements in this world which is fair, and unfair, the latter being much heavier then the former. One of these things, is experience. In life as you progress you encounter more situations where without prior experience you are dismissed. This is mainly in the arts/entertainment business where everybody wants you to have experience but nobody is willing to give it to you!

What is this madness?! For years people try to find projects and people of like minded spirit that will carry them over this unforgiving and pointless wall. Whether you're trying to find the perfect voice actors for your animations, musicians for that perfect scene I firmly believe there should be a place to nurture and expose talent and sincere projects to the attention of the right people.

So it's time for me to break open the box and finally reveal the project which I, alongside my friend programmer am undertaking. It is a project that will help gap the dots here on all development sites like gamedev, onrpg, and even here on Newgrounds! Bringing artists together for better products.

Introducing Dreamer Dens!

Dreamer Dens is a website which will offer people with projects a place to post their projects with some details, and artists of all venues will be able to apply for it! Some of the features planned and well on their way is as follows. These are of course the major points, with many dozens of smaller features and details that are not displayed here.

1: Project Submission Form/Page
This is the one of two big pillars of the site. Anybody is allowed to post up a project with positions available that they're seeking to fill. They will be able to send requests to members in a database with showcasing material in the event they want to directly contact members first.

2:Advanced Portfolio/Profile Page
Unlike other sites the profile page on DD will be one of the biggest things the site focuses around. In fact, it is the second large pillar of the site! It will be able to house literature, music, movies (animation and real, trailers etc), voice acting clips, pictures, programs and anything else that people can create. These profiles will behave like your resumes for when an artist applies for a position on a project. Alongside an "available to work" option that will place them in a database for project leaders to find and contact.

3: Advanced Image Theft Protection
One of the most powerful features of DD is the new and exciting protection system that is being developed by the lead programmer. This system will be able to stop print screening, right clicking, image capturing a picture, keeping it safe from unwanted hands.

Every element on this site will of course be have the option of being downloaded for free, with an adjustable creative commons license the user can set to protect or set free the work as they deem fit.

4: Free Resources
Projects built from passion don't have much if any money involved with them. Let's be honest, if we had the money to invest into our dreams we'd do it !right away. As it turns out, that's not the case, so EVERYTHING on this site will always be free! Free open source tools from all over the web, free programs and services to help give you that boost, and free ways to make a little bit of money on the side to help invest in tools. All these methods are personally tested out so not to send you down some spiraling pit of unending torture to get any kind of return on it. I've spent months going through all these methods. Some work, some don't we will let you know they exist and how useful they are to you.

5: Sponsership
As the site advances and funds become readily available, Dreamer Dens will support and finance deserving artists and projects into reaching the end goal.

So what the hell was the point of all this? DD is looking for a Flash Designer to help create the look and feel of the site! We are looking for a talented and dedicated flash designer who has a good understanding of website layout and design and is available to work with us in the next coming months! True to the spirit of the site itself we don't require professional experience or much if any website design experience, but we do ask you prove to us you can handle the job, and well.

What we can offer you?

- We can offer you payment in installments. We cannot offer you all the money upfront. As the site generates revenue (via google ads, sponserships) your payments will be delivered to you. Should the site fail to generate the kind of money agreed upon between you, the artist and us, we will compensate the remainder out of our own pockets.
- You can get a beaming referral on your profile which will generate more work for you! How cool would it be if you could hire MindChamber or Stamper for your own site? It would be something similar except the site will be DD and you will be the artist behind it's visual conception! People would definitely be interested in hiring the artist behind the madness.

What we need from you.
- Site Layout/Design
- Site Logo/Symbol
- Ability to work alongside us for the next 2 or so months
- Ability to work in a reasonable time frame
- Good grasp of site design.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me at or send me a pm here on Newgrounds for more details!

Time to make big reconsiderations

2008-07-13 02:32:22 by MaestroRage

In my last post I wrote about how I was looking to rebuild my entire library. Through support and advice given I have been forced to consider what it was precisely that was bothering me.

Was it REALLY the libraries? Did I REALLY use them to their best potential?

I'd like to answer yes, but the answer is yes, and no.


I feel I know how to manipulate the library's sounds to get decent quality out of them. So in this context I have used them to their best potential.

But what I haven't done is used the instruments to their best potential. David Orr said to me in the last post, that I should try creating a solo piano piece.

and I did (okay I HAD to throw in a soloist singer in there)

The effort necessary just for those 30 seconds was staggering for me. 2 hours. My understanding of the orchestra is not weak, but my understanding of each instrument in it is apparently, horrible.

So I will not be using these 2 months to purchase an entire new library *though I WILL still be on the lookout for a few new sounds*, but I will take that time to dive further into these instruments whose voices I never took the time to truly listen and understand.

I hope none of them are going to pout on me now!

Workout Files:
Solo Piano Medley 1
Solo Piano Medley 2

Big news coming soon also.