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For a long while now i've been looking for something new. For years i've been using the same tools, the same sounds, the same set up. These tools have long list their ability to inspire and have in fact began to deform my dreams and visions. Slow progress has become almost non existent and with time it gets worse. This is no writers block. No, this is something much more permanent.

For this reason I have taken up a full time job, which eats up roughly 50 hours a week. I intentionally asked for this gross overtime because of overtime pay (1.5 times normal pay for every hour above 40).

I have decided to COMPLETELY rehaul my setup. It would be stupid to say i'm going to get rid off all my other tools. A mighty penny given for them, and hell if i'm going to lose them. But i've forced myself to use these uninspiring sounds time and time again because I DID pay for them.

But now i'm going to come out of the closet, and just say what I want to say.

East West... you guys have dropped the ball so many times, and have produced such mediocre crap recently that i've lost all faith in continuing my dreams with you. Your sounds have become grating, your attitude has become snotty and pretentious (these guys are like the Microsoft for audio software), and I will have nothing more to do with you.

I was young, I was blind, I went for the biggest library with the lowest cost. I'm still young and blind, but not so blind that I don't see your gaping holes anymore. I'm done with you.

Feels good to say that. Feels bad that I have to now scrounge up 2.5 grand to re-establish. The site does enough to maintain itself, and provides no additional income *i'm fine with that*, and the free work I do does nothing for me *not that I plan to change that*

so for the next 2 months (planned to get $3,200 by then), my small corner on the internet will dwindle, and may slowly die. I hope most of you will still be here to hear the muse spinning my gears when return :D!

What is important to you in a Music/Musician site?

2008-05-18 14:31:17 by MaestroRage

So here I am, trying to figure out what would help as many people as possible, and time is always something i'm running around trying to find... with bad results most of the time. So in an attempt to give the audience what they want most, i'm running a poll, and throwing some ideas out there. I'd love it if you could either support, or suggest something you'd like to see in here.

Some already planned features.
1: NG Audio Database
- Hand picked best of the best, stored in one place to allow people to easily listen to the best the portal has to offer.
Current Progress: 75% There are some issues with the log-in screen, that for some reason has no discernible solution, for now, we leave this behind for other ventures
2: Pop Up MP3 Flash player
- I've grown tired of forcing people to go to a different page to listen to the works that can be found there. So instead, i'm going to fix that mp3 player, and have that instead. Plus the website is broken in that we can't upload new music... it may not be fixed for a long time, so... yeah... we're changing to this.
3: Free Audio Software/Samples page
- Constantly updated, constantly new stuff to play with.
4: Add midi files for some songs, explaining how it was all done, from start to finish. Thought processes involved during it's construction, and all that other good stuff.
5: In depth reviews to some of the more expensive, powerful programs, which many musicians may be trying to figure out if it's worth it's salt.
+ Video Tutorials on how to use these programs. (Suggested by Danman87)
- Really.

So what else would you want to see, or find useful in a music site? All suggestions are taken to heart.

My mentality and how it will one day destroy me.

2008-05-01 23:11:58 by MaestroRage

There are many artists recently, on both Newgrounds and off that have been leaving behind their sanctuaries to brave the cold winds of the world, armed with nothing but their music, and the desire to make it. I watch them and listen as they tell me time and time again.

"I just want to be able to do this my whole life... if I can do that, I can die happy".

And I sit back, and I wish them the best. I really do, I wish and I pray with all my heart that they reach that end goal.

It is a shame, it is a truth my friends, music is an art.

And art, is a luxury.

I see them take their songs off Newgrounds, I see them erase their tracks from others, because the time to grow up is here. The time to make friends and foes alike is upon them. The spine chilling first steps are being taken.

Not me. And they tell me I will one day have to. One day I will be forced to stop sharing my songs with everybody, that I will be lost forever in this place, a tapestry to a tiny corner of the internet.

And you know what? I agree.

I agree, and I don't care. I've been making music for 3 years now, and many still consider me a greenhorn to the industry. Fine, but I am still devoted to producing for free. I am still striving to show people a new world, a new hope, a new idea, ANYTHING that makes them stop and enjoy themselves. A story, thats all I want to do, tell and read stories of worlds that will never be.

How do I survive then? How will Chuck continue to exist once the time beckons? I have no real idea. I will keep doing what i'm doing, and hopefully my site, like Newgrounds, will be able to sustain the dreams woven into it. In time, it's possible. I have no intention of hiding any of my work, that is the bottom line. The ears of those who want to listen, will be given the opportunity to do so. Period.

Does that make me a failure? A doomed artist to wither and vanish?

Well, I figure, how poetic is that? Become part of the worlds and stories that will one day disappear with me.

So stick around my friends, only time will let me tell you how this story ends ;D

New Free Software Page and Radio update!

2008-04-06 00:58:07 by MaestroRage

SoS is currently preparing a new "go-to" center for aspiring and experienced musicians alike! Great and very powerful free VST/VSTi software that even the big expensive libraries do not have! Exotic and strange new sounds sure to help inspire! Both electronica and orchestral based.

Not just that, we're talking huge collections of samples, percussion, sfx, you name it!

We're also talking host/sequencer programs for those who like to stand out and have the rest of the people look at you like a moron when you say "I use Genaginar's Impulse Tracker!" or something equally messed up and obscure to put it all together.

We are looking for help too, if you know of any great sites you'd like to recommend, or any secret gems you might have you want to share, let me know!

Free Software Page!

Regarding the "Radio", it will be up very very shortly. It is not so much a "radio" right now, but we are working on getting all functionality as we desired together. For now, we're just happy to have a content management system that works, and works well.

Stay tuned!

PS: If you'd like, please click this link to sign up for our newsletter so we can email you about future projects and features we release as well as updates on current ones like this. Not to mention new songs of course ;D

Are you a musician? Interested in some radio time!?

2008-04-02 18:19:57 by MaestroRage

Symphony of Specters has released a new NG radio station, and we're looking to put some good quality unsigned artists up there! Read the thread for more info


You can also go to the site for more information Symphony of Specters!

Some high lights for this radio!

1: The radio will feature high quality Newgrounds material. You know how the portal is filled with so much... stuff? The radio will feature hand picked and manually downloaded/uploaded songs to ensure a consistently high quality stream.

2: Chat with fellow listeners in the channel at any time. Insult the mothers of many if you'd like.

3: Broadcasting important news concerning the audio portal. The NG podcast for example will have it's own spot.

4: Anybody who wants to do a live show regarding anything, can do so! I will give them the password, how to set things up, and off they go to do their show. Weekly top 5 maybe, whatever!

5: If the radio gets big enough, we can sell ad air time, and generate revenue for the artists who contribute! Though this is really not an expected point, just a possibility.

all of this of course, for free!

Some interesting updates and new features!

2008-03-19 10:17:39 by MaestroRage

Hey guys! We've put on an interesting new tool bar for SoS website and I must say it's pretty damn neat! You can see all of it's nifty features by going TO our website, but seeing what it can do there!

Symphony of Specters

It also supports SoS, the more you use it, the more it gets installed, the more cash it generates. I've recently located the most awesome PC for only $1,600 so i'm saving up everything for that! We appreciate all the help we can get!

You can also directly download the tool bar here

Leaving that behind, some other news.

Thanks to the efforts of WritersBlock and TheNossinator, SoS will have some great tutorials for musicians who are interested in learning the craft in greater detail, or even for brand new starters. WritersBlock's program especially looks like it's going to kick enough ass to kill small animals, so we're looking forward to that!

Thats it for now, more to come soon :D!

Some interesting updates and new features!

And so it begins!

2008-03-13 01:38:00 by MaestroRage

Since my last emo post many of you may have noticed of my absence. I apologize I didn't meant to just vanish, but I did so for a reason :D!

Over the past week i've been busily working beside one Draqo whom offered me free webhosting AND set up assistance *like seriously 95% of the site is still functional because of this man people... He's kept me from destroying the site thus far, but i'm working on it!*

I realized that it was time to move on trying to make money from sites like reverbnation, etc. I won't close off those venues, because heck, $1.08 a month is STILL better then $0.00 a month. So here we are, proudly unveiling the site we're pinning our dreams and energies to!

I hope you will all take a look around! There's a LOT to this site. I've thrown in pretty much everything i've written and done on my newsposts up there and because I have more HTML control, was able to pull off much neater tricks!

The site is largely oriented towards aspiring musicians I won't lie. A lot of info which people not in the field will find dry and boring, but all the songs of mine and a few more I haven't released yet are up there so listeners can still come on down and enjoy the tunes!

I don't want to say much more, come see it yourself, i'm pretty proud of whats been done with it already :D!


2008-03-05 10:17:33 by MaestroRage


well I can see this grand plan of mine REALLY working out... At least I can get a soda every month?


Ah those study time blues...

2008-03-01 17:52:04 by MaestroRage

It's always a bummer for me around this time of the month. In fact, it's always a bummer for me whenever I wake up during this time of month. Yes, lo and behold it is time for midterms and exams again! As if I did not have enough work to do, now it's time to add more onto the plate, and even further alienate myself from my music computer. It's been off for 4 days straight now, which is a new record for all time. Not a record i'm particularly proud of breaking either mind you...

In any case I know there are a LOT of reviews I have yet to respond to. I WILL get to them. I swore I would not be one of those artists that say nothing to the people who spend time out of their day to write me so i'm going to work on that the second this week is over and my midterms take a little cool off.

Also if you havn't done so already, and are interested in being emailed when a new song is out please click on this link and sign up for the newsletter. It's not a Newgrounds feature but every new song added up there, will by extension be added on here so for now i'm just going to use this tool to let interested members know!

Thanks for your time, take care Newgroundians!

PS: The epic metal colab is still in progress, LEAVE ME ALONE, IT'S GETTING THERE >:(!

Found a way to keep music free while getting funds!

2008-02-24 23:42:24 by MaestroRage

During one of my random strolls through the portal, because I do that kind of thing often. I fell upon a good friends page. Why our own Rig. I went to his site because it was down for a while and I figured, hey, why not? Maybe i'll find stuff to make fun of about to him and crush his spirits and leave his broken mind behind.

Going to his songs page he redirected me to his page over at Reverbnation - Rig. Why that bastard I said. Dare to shove me into a new page WILL HE >:(?!

I began angrily clicking the play buttons on his page in dire hopes i'd break something. He'd log back in and go "WUT HAPPEN TO MAI PLAYED CLICK THING!?" and nobody would hear his tracks, and I would lol in the shadows.

After breaking my OWN mouse, I went on over to him and I said to him I said. "Rig, J00 R NOT CAPABLE OF HOSTING YUR OWN SUNGS?!"

and said to me he said

Forgetting WHY he was online at 4 in the morning for me to pester him in the first place I asked him about this Reverbnation. And it seemed like a pretty slick site. The great thing is this though.

I will be able to generate funds for page views! Just page views! For so long i've wanted to find some kind of magical way to keep making music for free, yet still being able to afford getting new libraries, and upgrading the computer! At long last this dream can be realized!

So my good viewers, I ask you all please drop by my and Rig's page and help us both out! I don't expect to be rolling in cash but i'm hoping with this boost I will be finally able to give you all what I truly want to make with as much power as I can possibly get. Feel free to click an advert here and there as that apparently helps ;)

But wait, thats not all! Me and LadyArsenic will be teaming up to really try and push our limits to bring some of our best work out! We were going to make an album anyways, so we figured why not just go ahead and make an account that we can put things together?!

Don't forget to sign up for the Newsletter too if you'd like! I've always wanted Newgrounds to get a system like this, so until they do I hope interested listeners will sign up to let me tell them a little bit about each new song so they can make a better choice about whether they'd like to listen to it.

Thanks for your time!